(5 Reasons) Why My Electric Scooter Won’t Accelerate? Fix Electric Scooter Won’t Accelerate

Okay, let’s find the culprit that stops or reduces the acceleration of your electric scooter then we will check the Methods to Solve it.

The Big issue that annoys me is When I face My scooter stops moving or accelerating, If You are facing the same issue with your electric scooter, Then here in this post I will help you to fix this.

After long-term use of an electric scooter, this issue occurred generally in an electric scooter, and without any complication, I try to explain to you the issue and solving process which you can follow from your home and fix this.

Quick Fix Technique

Why My Electric Scooter Won’t Accelerate

before going through a detailed analysis and explanation, Let Me quickly Put the primary factors that affect the electric scooter acceleration problem to fix It in the primary stage.

So the primary culprits are throttle or damage of battery cells and, secondly problem with the brakes and For The last P09 setting should be set to 0.

So in the primary stage you can check all the 3 Main three culprits and quickly fix the acceleration is software electric scooter, If this doesn’t Work Check other Steps

Why Won’t My Electric Scooter Accelerate? (issue and common Fixes) Electric scooter losing power accelerating

In the process of acceleration when you press the total and the signal goes from the throttle to the controller and then from the battery to the motor and When you press the break, then the controller disconnects electricity from the motor.

So Here We and that 6 parts are used in acceleration so checking of the parts will help you to find the culprit and fix it.

Equipment required for checking
  • Toolbox
  • multimeter

So at first, let’s Check

The throttle

check The throttle

The throttle is the primary part of electric scooter acceleration, so starting from the throttle and checking it May help to trigger the issue at initials. If you have a thumb throttle then there might be an issue so try to Check the internal PINs are intact perfectly.

By unscrewing the throttle and checking whether the pins are in the Right Order or Not along with whether is there any damage or sign of burn.

Also using the multimeter you can measure the Power If there are any of issues you can find in the throttle then it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Battery Checking

Battery Checking

The battery is one of the important factors of smooth riding and fluent acceleration, if your scooter is new and you face some issues then checking of the scooter and cleaning the battery, and Putting it Back again into the scooter will be great.

But after a prolonged ride, you face several issues in acceleration and if it is not fixed after a group of days then they are might be damage in cells inside the battery, and there will be no other choice other than replacing it.

Checking wire connections

Checking wire connections

This means If You ride your scooter on off-roads usually also on flat roads for commuting, then also checking all the wire connections might help you to find the issue.

So check the wires connected perfectly from the throttle to the controller without any fault and with the multimeter you can perfectly check the connection and flow of electricity.

Here you can find if there are any loose wires, and Then You can change it or fix the loose cable.

Controller Checking

Sometimes the control or consumes more ampere and provides less electricity to the motor which was a major cause for slow acceleration, So with a test device or multimeter, you can Check The flow of current in the multimeter and Then Fix It.

Brake Checking

Sometimes brakes become the main culprit that reduces the acceleration and become the Cause of Lack of acceleration to Fix It You must disconnect the brake cable from the controller and then throttle the scooter to check if the wheels are moving at full speed or not.

If you find that breaks become the Main issue that stops the acceleration power then you can check the connection cables between the breaks and The controller.

Switch to speed mode

We were checking the Motors, fast check the modes of your electric scooter, especially the beginners made the problem, So Check how many modes in your scooter.

In the premium segment there are three modes and in standard electric scooters there are two modes like Eco mode and sports mode.

So check whether it is set in Eco mode or not, if It is in Eco mode then Press the button on your scooter indicating the fastest riding mode.

This will help you to switch to sports mode for more acceleration and power.

Check the Motors

Most electric scooter manufacturers use hub motors as It is the best in performance and highly reliable, But If You regularly off-road your electric scooter then Check the motors of your scooter.

To check whether the Motors is working fine or not, Just rotate the motor with your hand and check whether it moves slowly or not along with smelling it, if there is any burning smell then they are might be some issues in the Motor.

Here you have to visit the service center to fix this if the scooter is under warranty.

Some extra tips

Sometimes, there are minor issues that cause the lack of acceleration so checking them might help you to fix it. Most of the time there are Brakes issues that stop the acceleration of your scooter and also check the modes.


So check all the primary steps that I have described above and I think this will definitely help, But if you find major issues Then visiting the service center and taking the export advice will help you in that situation.

But in most cases, these steps definitely help and I also fix my scooter after Pro long rides.

If you looking for more information and troubleshooting about electric scooters then definitely check other posts on this site, here we love to share information and all content to Fix The issue which will help you to smooth your ride.

If you face more issues then definitely comment down below and I will like to help you by solving your problem.

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