(Easy Guide) How to Fold and Unfold Electric Scooter? 5 Steps

If you are looking for how to fold an electric scooter, then you are at the right place.

Here I will explain all the step-by-step guides (in 5 Steps) that you can follow to fold your electric scooter no matter which brand it is, along with I will put a video tutorial to help you in a better way.

Folding an electric scooter is a simple task where you need to follow certain steps. Here I will explain how to fold and how to unfold along with discussing the issues you face while folding your scooter

How to Fold & Unfold Electric Scooter

How to fold an electric scooter?

If you choose a folding electric scooter then it is a good choice as there are many advantages of folding an electric scooter which make it more convenient and portable.

To fold an electric scooter you can follow the below steps

01. Get ready before folding

Before folding your electric scooter, make sure to choose a non-crowded place, which will help you to easily fold your electric scooter, then make sure to turn the scooter off, and then you can forward to the next step.

02. So turn the switch off

Remove the security screw/switch or lock first

In most folding electric scooters, there is a security system, so first pull out the security screw.

In a few electric scooters, there is also an additional smaller switch so if your scooter has a small switch then you can also pull it out along with the big security system.

03. Open the clasp

Now simply open the clasp or clamp on the handlebar with a little force. If you could not find then it looks circular and present in the middle of the handlebar.

Release the additional security switch/button (Optional)

To prevent accidental folding in a few expensive electric scooters there are some extra security switches but in most of electric scooters, this step might not exist.

So check the additional switches if exist in your scooter

04. Pressing down the steering column to the deck

After removing the clasp push down the steering column to its other end, so move the steering column toward the deck smoothly.

05. Lock the steering column to the deck

The scooters have a locking mechanism and some scooters have a clamp on the deck with a hole on the handle to attach, so you can fix it or lock it as per your electric scooter.

Congratulation !!!

you have successfully locked and folded your electric scooter now it is much more portable and you can carry it in your hand.

How to unfold an electric scooter ?

This step is much easier compared to folding, and here is the step-by-step guide.

  • Fast unlock the lock and then unlock the steering column from the deck
  • Bring up the steering column to the previous version
  • Close the clasp
  • Put back the security screw

Again congratulation !!!

You have successfully learned how to fold and unfold an electric scooter.

How to fix folding problems on an electric scooter

How to fix folding problems on an electric scooter?

What if you face folding issues while folding your electric scooter, so don’t worry it can be solved with simple steps.

If it does not help then you can take the scooter to the repair shop or to the service center if it is under warranty.

Sometimes dome dirt or debris can block the folding mechanism which causes issues while folding so you can properly lubricant the folding mechanism and leave it for a few hours and then check whether it works or not.

Benefits of folding electric scooter

Folding electric scooters are best with multiple advantages if you choose them for commuting, there are many benefits you can get along with a folding electric scooter and some of them are.

Takes less space:- Due to the folding mechanism it becomes very easy to hold and store it in a small space when it is not in use along with it became easy to carry.

Lightweight:– Most folding electric scooters are lightweight in nature provide a comfortable ride and the rider can easily when it is not in use

Easier to carry:- When the stem will lock to the deck after folding, it becomes easier to carry which you can carry on train, bus, or any other public transport easily.

Easier transportation:- Due to being foldable in nature it takes small space while transporting, so you can easily put it inside your car or truck and then carry it anywhere you want.


I hope in this tutorial you learn how to fold your electric scooter and unfold it easily, you can also check the video for a proper understanding.

Still, if you face any issues regarding your electric scooter and looking to troubleshoot your is so then make sure to comment down below and I would happy to clear your doubts

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