7+ Best 30 Mph Electric Scooters (All Reviewed) 2023

If Speed is Your Main Priority and Looking for the Best 30 Mph Electric Scooters that will Provide Impressive Power Along With Great Performance, Then You Are at the Right Place.

After Testing 14 Electric Scooters for More Than 182 Hours, I Am Finally Here With the All The Amazing and High Performance E Scooters, From all The Reputed Brand to Fulfill all Your Needs.

Top 7 Best 30 Mph Electric Scooters

No.ProductsPrice List
1Evercross Fast 30mph With Seat ($799.99) (Affordable)Check Now
2Splach Twin – 28 Mph ($999) (Lightweight)Check Now
3Speedway Leger ($1100) (Durable)Check Now
4Apollo Explore – 28 Mph ($1299) (Compact)Check Now
5Emove Cruiser – 30 Mph ($1,399) (Powerful)Check Now
6Apollo Ghost – 37 Mph ($1,599) (KING)Check Now
7Inokim Ox – 28 Mph ($XXXX) (Stylish)Check Now
Best 30 MPH Electric Scooters

Below I Have Ranked All the Best Electric scooters for You and Ranked Them According to the Price to Performance Category Which You Can Choose. Here I Find Evercross is a Budget All-rounder and Inokim OX is a Best in Class Premium Scooter.

7 Best 30 MPH Electric Scooters | Fast electric scooters 30mph

Evercross Fast Electric Scooter 30mph With Seat

image 167


  • Speed: 28 Mph
  • Range: 25 Miles
  • Weight: 44 Lbs
  • Motors: 800w
  • Load: 330 Lbs

Evercross is an All-rounder Electric Scooter With a Detachable Seat for Comfortable Long Rides With a Top Speed of 28 Mph and a Range of 25 Mph.

It is a Stylish Looking Electric Scooter With an 800w Motor That Produces Enough Power and Torque for an Aggressive Riding Experience While Sitting in a Comfortable Position.

As a Tech Guy When I Checked All the Technical Specs in Real Life, Thought it Has a Dual Braking System, Easy to Fold, Double Shock Absorption, Luminous LED lights and Multi Color LED Deck Rig, and Many More.


  • Best Value for Money
  • Comfortable and Smooth Riding
  • Easy to Fold
  • Impressive Dual Suspension
  • Cool Led Lights Setup
  • Dual Disc Brake
  • Detachable Seats


  • Low Speed

Why It is in the First Position

After a Few Months of Real-life Testing, I Was Amazed That the Brand Provide Many Features, That Work Very Well on Road in Both Day and Night Rides From Folding Mechanism to 10 Inch Solid Tire, Overall It is a Great E Scooter At an Affordable Price.

Splach Twin – 28 Mph (Stylish)



  • Speed: 28 Mph
  • Range: 28 Miles
  • Weight: 53 Lbs
  • Motors: Dual 48v 600w
  • Load: 220 Lbs
  • Battery: 48v 15.6ah

You Get Tow Super Powerful 600w Hub Motors in Both Front and Rear Wheels in Splach Twin, Where You Get a Max Speed of 28 Mph.

It is a Compact Electric Scooter That Takes Only 6 Sec From 0-28mph of Top Speed and Breaks the Records Under This Budget With Superiors Built Quality and Smooth Riding.

With the Multi Customization Option, This Scooter Also Offers Dual Suspension, 12 Speed Modes, Stylish Led Setup, Hidden Apple Air Tag Setup, Multi-level Protection, and Others.

It Has Height Adjustable Features for Big Guys That Work Pretty Well and Riding Position is Smooth With the Dual Suspension and Electronic Braking.


  • Dual Motor Set Up
  • Decent Range and Build Quality
  • IP54 Water-resistance
  • Best for Daily Commute
  • Comfortable Ride With Durability


  • Drum Brakes Could Be Better
  • Lights Are Not So Good

Why I Recommend It

Overall It is a Performance Packed Electric Scooter With Many Advanced Features, Durable Built Quality, and Solid Tires Making It a Perfect E Scooter for Day Time, which Justifies Its Price.

Speedway Leger ($1100) (Allrounder)

image 168


  • Speed: 30 Mph / 48 Kmh
  • Range: 34 Mi / 55 Km
  • Weight: 41 Lbs
  • Motors: Dual 48v 600w
  • Load: 265 Lbs
  • Battery: 15.6 Ah – 748 Wh

An Allrounder Electric Scooter With a Max Mileage is 30 Miles, the Speedway Leger is a Stylish, Portable, and Light Weight Electric Scooter With an Affordable Price.

It is Powered With a 1,360 Watt BLDC Hub Motor Along With a 748 Wh – Panasonic Battery That Takes Up to 6 Hours. While Testing It on Road It is a Light Weight E Scooter Making It Perfect for Daily Commute.

The 8.5 Inch Front and Rear Tires Are Powerful Electric Rear Drum Brake With Abs Hold a Good Grip On the Road.


  • A True All Rounder
  • Impressive Design and Build Quality
  • Easy to Folding Mechanism
  • Multi Customization
  • Drum Breaks With Abs
  • Lightweight


  • Lights Are Low for Night

Why I Recommend It

With the Price of $1100, It Justifies All the Specs in Real Life Testing, and Drum Brakes and Lights Could Be Better but Overall the LED Display, Smooth Suspension, and Durable Build Making It Perfect for Daily Commuters.

Apollo Explore – 28 Mph (Value for Money)

image 154


  • Speed: 21 Mph
  • Range: 30 Mph
  • Weight: 41 Lbs
  • Motors: 500w
  • Battery: 15.6 Ah – 748 Wh

The Apollo Explore is an Award Winning Fully Loaded & Feature Packed Electric Scooter With Impressive Range, Power, Solid Built Quality, and Performance.

At an Affordable Price, It Comes With a 1000-watt Motor That Produces a Top Speed of 31mph and a Maximum Range Upton 34 Miles. It is a Perfect Daily Commute E scooter that Can Climb to 20 Degrees.

It is Packed With Cool Technical Features Like LED Strips on the Deck, Dual Spring Shock Absorption, Disc Brakes, LCD Display in the Handlebar, Water Resistance Rating, and Other Are Enough to Make It an Award-Winning E Scooter that You Can Control From Your Smartphone.


  • Value for Money
  • Excellent Power & Performance
  • Smooth Riding
  • Light Weight & Strong Design
  • Easy to Hold Mechanism
  • IP66 Water Resistance Rating


  • The Deck Size is Small (as I Am a Big Guy)
  • Lights Need Improvement

Why I Love It

The Price to Features (Work Really Well on Road Testing) Ratio is Quite Impressive by Making It a perfect Bike for Daily Commute With Award Winning Performance.

Emove Cruiser – 30 Mph (Best for Commute)

EMOVE Cruiser


  • Speed: 30 Mph
  • Range: 62 Mph
  • Weight: 56 Lbs
  • Motors: 52v 1000w
  • Battery: 15.6 Ah – 748 Wh

In a Dual Color Paint, the Emove Cruiser Defines the True Value of Cruising With a Comfortable Ride. With the Top Speed of 30 Mph, It is a Great Bike From Voromotors With Multi Color Option.

For the Smoothest Riding Experience, the Electric Scooter is Packed With Great Tires and Suspension, Along With It Also Comes With Hydraulic Disc Brakes, a 4-color LCD Display, IPX6 Water Rating, and Others.

While Testing It on Road It Holds the Maximum Pay Load Capacity of 352 Lbs and Produces Great Power With the 1000w Rear for Great Cornering.

Overall It is a Perfect Combination of Power to Design Where You Can Add Extra Seats for a Hustle-Free Ride Where You Enjoy the True Value of Cruising on Both Day and Night With Its Multiple Customizability.


  • Specs Above Than Price
  • Popular and Best for Heavy Riders
  • Powerful Throttle and Aggressive Acceleration
  • Smooth Suspension
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • IPX6 Water-resistance Rating


  • Hand Grips Could Be Better

Apollo Ghost – 37 Mph (Powerful)

image 169


  • Speed: 34 Mph
  • Range: 39 Mph
  • Weight: 64 Lbs
  • Motors: Dual 52v 800w
  • Load: 300lbs
  • Battery: 15.6 Ah – 748 Wh

An Aggressive Entry to the Real Life With the Ghostly Fast Electric Scooter Apollo Ghost, Where It is a Strong and Durable Build Quality Award Winning Electric Scooter.

It is Powered by an 18.2ah Battery With Dual 52v 800w Motors That Execute a Top Speed of 34 Mph. It is Smooth to Ride With the Dual Spring System, Adjustable Suspension, and Hydraulic Disc Brake to Provide Proper Control of the Scooter While Riding It.

The Front and Rear LED Lights, Deck Light Strips, Aluminum Build Quality, Easy to Fold, and IP54 Waterproof Rating, Make it a Perfect Award Winning Electric Scooter Under an Affordable Price Range.

From Dual LCD Display to Multiple Safety Features Apollo Ghost is Incredible Fast and Stylish in Appearance That making it Perfect for Day to Night Rides on Any Road Condition, So It Holds a Great Position among the Best 30 Mph Electric Scooters in the Premium Category.


  • Advanced Dual Motor Technology
  • Best for Heavy Riders
  • Smooth Breaking and Suspension
  • Powerful Acceleration
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Ip54 Water-resistance Rating
  • Durable Build Quality


  • A large Deck Size Would Be Great
  • The Range is Low According to the Price

Inokim OX – 28 Mph (Durable)

image 170


  • Speed: 28 Mph
  • Range: 56 Mph
  • Weight: 61 Lbs
  • Motors: 60v 800w
  • Load: 265lbs
  • Battery: 60v 23ah

It is Really Impressive That the Inokim of Horse is Price Under $1500, It is an Excellent Electric Scooter With a Top Speed of 30 Mph With Powerful 800w Motors.

It is a Unique Design Language and Stylish Appearance With Multiple Features Like a Mechanical Disc Brake, Navigational LCD Display, Easy to Fold, and Smooth Suspension Make It a Good Bike.

Whereas the Charging Time is Very High Like 10-12 Hours to Full Charge the LG Battery and Also the Lights Are Not Enough for Night Rides but Under the Price of $1399, It is Pretty Much Justified.

Overall the Inokim Ox Super is a Lightweight and Durable Build Quality Electric Scooter With Multiple Inbuilt Features That are Perfect for Daily Commute and Sometimes for a Little Off-Roading.


  • Excellent Design
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Smooth Riding
  • Smooth Dual Disc Brake
  • Long-range Scooter
  • Adjustable Suspension


  • No Water Resistant Rating
  • Hard Plastic Use
  • Lack of Grip

Best 30 Mph Electric Scooters Buying Guide

With the Increasing Demand for Different Types of Electric Scooters From Beginner to Heavy Riders, There Are Many New Manufacturers Come to the Front With Different Types of Electric Scooters.

Choosing a Electric Scooter According to Your Need is Not a Difficult Task Anymore but Makes You to Find the Best Build Quality Electric Scooter That Will Provide You with Impressive Performance for a Long Time Uses.

Due to the Convenience of Electric Scooters, the Demand and Promotion of Any Type of Electric Vehicle is Growing Gradually and the Government is Also Promoting it Due to Its Multiple Benefits for Both the Owner and to the Environment.

Below Are the Some Major Steps That You Can Check Before Choosing the Best 30 Mph Electric Scooters

  • Understand Your Requirement
  • Set a Budget
  • Check Real Life Testing and Reviews
  • Choose From Reputed Manufacturers
  • Check Motor Quality 7 Extra Addons

Buy Following All the Above Steps, It Will Definitely Help You to Find the Best E Scooter According to Your Need, Which Will Never Leave your Hand.

Can an Electric Scooter Go 30 Mph?

Yes, There Are Multiple Electric Scooters, Which Can Provide Maximum Speed Up to 30mph and We Have Tested and Ranked Them According to the Price to Performance Ratio.

What Escooter Goes 30mph?

In the Affordable Segment Evercross and in the Premium Category Inokim Ox is Scooter Goes Up to 30 Mph Along With the Premium Build Quality and Performance.

Are 30 Mph Scooters Safe?

Yes, 30mph Scooters Are Safe to Ride and I Will Recommend It to Pro Riders and for Those Who Have Few Years of Experience, but Make Sure Wear the Proper Riding Gears Before Riding for Extra Safety.

What is the Max Mph on an Electric Scooter?

Up to the Max Speed of 75mph, There Are Many Electric Scooters that Provide Impressive Max Speed Along With Great Durability and Performance Full Fill the Demand of Heavy Riders.

How Much Do 30 Mph Electric Scooters Cost?

From $800 to $3000, Many Electric Scooters With a Max Speed of 30 Mph Will Provide a Great Experience of Riding With the Thrill of Powerful Performance.

If You Are Looking for an Electric Scooter With a Max Speed of 30 Mph, Then You Can Also Check the Build Quality, Performance, Durability, and Other Specs.


Electric Scooters Provide Convenient Ride by Taking to Away From the Heavy Traffic in the US Road and Helping to Reach Your Destination on Time.

With the Increasing Demand for Multiple Electric Scooters, There Are Many Manufactures Come to the Front to Fulfill the Need of Different Types of Riders.

So Here in This Post, I Tried My Best to Find All the Best 30 Mph Electric Scooters After Testing Them in Real Life on Different Road Conditions and Then Putting the Result in Front of You to Judge Them in a Better Way.

Here I Chose the Evercross for the Affordable Electric Scooter With 30 Mph Max Speed and the Inokim Ox is a Premium Leader With Impressive Specs.

I Hope That You Will Get All the Best Electric Scooter According to Your Need, for More Information About Electric Vehicles You Can Also Check Other Posts on This Site.

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