How to Reset Electric Scooter Controller? 5+ Easy Process Explained with Tutorial (Best Guide)

Restarting an electric scooter is not a difficult task if you have some basic knowledge about the electric scooter and how it works then you can definitely reset both the hard and soft reset of an electric scooter.

The electric scooter’s working mechanism is very simple compared to the combustion bikes. The main components of an electric scooter or battery, a controller, and a motor.

Here in this post, I will discuss about the general restart method to control an electric scooter which will work in most of the electric scooters available in the market as the working mechanism is the same.

How Do I Reset my Electric Scooter Controller

But there is one issue, most electric scooters come with digital displays for soft resetting but a few of electric scooters do not have a screen to control, here the only hard reset mode will work for you.


So if you know the purpose of restarting then you can definitely follow the below steps but if you facing minor issues you can go with simple fixes rather than small hard resetting so first check why would you need to reset in the second paragraph.

How to do a soft reset for your electric scooter controller? | How Do I Reset my E-scooter Controller

The soft reset method is one of the easiest ways to reset your electric scooter which you can do in a quick way, that’s why first go with the soft reset method.

For the soft reset, there are two ways, that you can take in use to reset the controller and the two steps are:-

  • Using the reset button on the scooter
  • Reinstalling the firmware of the scooter

Using the reset button on the scooter

Ok let’s go with the first method, here you have to check whether the reset button is available or not, if available then you can go further.

The resetting process varies from scooter to scooter model so I saw just you check the manuals if there are any other or specific methods available to reset the scooter, but if you don’t have a manual then also go with the 2 common steps.

Firstly press the reset button while holding the down button for 5 sec and check if it works.

If it not works for you then press and hold the reset button for five seconds.

These two primary methods will work pretty well if you have the button of rest in your scooter but if you don’t have the button then you can go with the firmware reinstall.

Reinstall the firmware of the scooter to reset

If your electric scooter does not have a reset button then you can go with the firmware reinstalling process to reset the controller of your scooter.

But before reinstalling make your to check the firmware version or number, that is currently installed in your scooter, this will help to work your electric scooters smoothly after the reinstall process.

But if you do not check the firmware and install any firmware then they are might be some issues and some features also stop working.

So for the firmware reset it needs a software or application (available from the official portal of the scooter manufacturer) for you can download the firmware and reinstall it.

How to do a hard reset for your electric scooter

How to do a hard reset for your electric scooter?

So in case it needs a hard reset, then it is possible with the self-learning cable where you can reset the controller of the electric scooter where you force the controller to recognize all the components of the scooter as if it was the first time.

Now let’s move to the steps

  1. Fast turn off the electric scooter
  2. Then connect the self-learning cable
  3. Now turn on the scooter and press the throttle and check the movement of the motor
  4. It makes you to check the tire is moving forward, if it won’t, then repeat the reset again.
  5. If everything is working fine then turn it off & disconnect the cable

And that’s it these are the simple process that will help you to easily reset your electric scooter if you face any major issues in your electric scooter.

But if you face small problems in your scooter then you can check the below paragraph to learn the purpose of resetting.

Why would you need to reset your electric scooter controller

Why would you need to reset your electric scooter controller?

The main components of electric scooters is the motor, controller, and battery.

The controller is the main component where the software installs and provides the regulated electricity to the motor from the battery to move smoothly along with other works.

So if you face an issue in an electric scooter then resetting the controller will help you to fix the major issues, so below are some of the main reasons why you need to reset your electric scooter controller.

01. The scooter is moving backward (Major issue)

Many people face the issue of the scooter moving backward and one day I read in the newspaper that people got injured as the scooter moved backward and he fell into the pond.

So if you are facing the same is so then resetting the controller will definitely help you. For this process, it needs a self-learning cable where you can follow the hard reset process to fix this issue.

02. Unusual motor sound

So if you purchase a highly expensive electric scooter that comes with a hub motor but facing the issue of motor noise, then it might be software is so first rather than a technical problem so rest work may help solve it.

03. Lights and other parts not working sometimes

Sometimes the brakes, LCD display, headlights, LED rigs, and electronic bell also do not work perfectly and show unusual issues, so making the hard reset will help to fix it.

04. Battery draining so fast

Quick battery draining issues in a new electric scooter also be a reason for firmware issues but if you have used your electric scooter for more the 6-12 months and facing issues with quick battery train then they are might be an issue in BMS or damage of sales inside the battery.

Here if the controller draws more amperes then it can be fixed with resetting but if the BMS issue or cell damage inside the battery cannot be fixed by resetting and physically needs to be replaced.


Here I try to easily explain the resetting process of an electric scooter and this process is the same in most of the general electric scooters available in the market.

So let me wrap up again if you have a reset button then holding it for 5 sec will help or reinstalling the firmware with the help of self-learning cable will help.

So that’s it from my side if you are looking for more technical information about electric scooters and electric vehicles and also the purchasing guide, then you can definitely check other posts on this site.

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