Top 10+ Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters in 2023 | How to Choose a Best Dual Motor E Scooter

If You Are a Thrill Guy and Speed is the Only Limit in Your Life, So You Are Searching for the Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter in 2023 to Enhance Speed.

Selecting a Dual Motor Electric Scooter Defines, That You Want to Enjoy the True Power of an Electric Scooter on Different Road Conditions.

For the Enthusiast, Many Brands Launch Their Products With Premium Building Quality and Dual Motor Technology Help You Enjoy the True Vibe of a Perfect Powerful Electric Scooter.

Of Course, It Need Good Research on Several Electric Scooters to Find Out the Best Among Them, So to Reduce Your Confusion, We Try Our Best to Review the Maximum Number of Dual-motor Electric Scooters to Get the Best Results According to Your Requirements and Budget.

Don’t Worry My Friend, After Testing for Several Weeks and Spending a Lot of Money I Am Here With the Top 10 Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters, With Amazing Features That Will Surely Attract Your Attention to These Premium Electric Scooter With Best in Class Price Range.

And Here is The Final Result

No.ProductsPrice List
1WideWheel Pro (Affordable)Check Price
2SPLACH Twin – Motors: Dual 48V 600W (Aggressive)Check Price
3Hiboy Titan Pro (Durable)Check Price
4Varla Eagle One (Compact)Check Price
5SPLACH Titan – Motors: Dual 52V 1000W (Powerful)Check Price
6Apollo Ghost – Motors: Dual 52V 1000W (Incredible)Check Price
7Mantis V2 – Motors: Dual 60V 1000W (High Perfomance)Check Price
8Mantis King GT – Motors: Dual 60V 1100W (Value For Money)Check Price
9Wolf King GT – Motors: Dual 72V 2000W (Huge)Check Price
10NAMI Burn-e 2 – Motors: Dual 72V 1000W (Premium KING)Check Price

If You are in Hurry, then Go With My favorite

image 42
Top Product
best Choice

Widewheel Pro (Fat Tire Dual Motor)

Simple Yet Sturdy Design, Fat Tyre, and Rapid Performance on Any Road Made me a true Fan of it.

From Price to High Payload Capacity Everything is Amazing in It.
On-Going Offer

Let Me First Put Our Winner Widewheel Pro, Which is an Allrounder Electric Bike With the Best Dual Motor Technology That Fit Your Budget and Increases the Thrill of Riding Incredibly.

Why You Trust Us (EV Globals)

We Choose Multiple E-Bikes and Scooters For Multiple People And Rank Them with Pros & Cons, So You Can Find Your Need And Choose The Best One Accordingly.

We Only Depend on Affiliate Programs, So We Earn a Short Commission By Adding No Extra Cost to You, which Helps us to Bring Quality Content For You.

10 Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters in 2023 | Powerful E Scooter

As of Developed Technology, Sturdy and Stable Body Make the Dual Motor Electric Scooter Very Expensive, They are Specially Designed for Pro Riders Who Are Experienced in This Field and Looking for Professional E Scooters.

Dual Motor Electric Scooters

But Here in This Post, I Have a Review of All the Affordable but High-Quality Electric Scooters That Not Only Comes With Dual Motors but are Also Packed With All the Advanced Features.

So Here Are the Best Big From My Side

Widewheel Pro ($1,249)

image 43


  • Motor – 2 X 500w
  • Top Speed – 26 Mph
  • Max Range – 30 Miles
  • 8″ Never-flat Foam-filled Tires
  • Front and Rear Spring Suspensions

A Premium Dual Motor Electric Scooter Which You Can Get It Budget Friendly Price is Widewheel Pro. It is a Proper Off Road From Fluidfreeride Manufacturer.

So if You Have a Budget of Around $1300 and Looking for a Dual Motor Electric Scooter Then This Will Never Disappoint You With Its Price and Features.

It Comes With a Fat Tire, With Two 500w Front and Rear Motors That Produce a Top Speed of Up to 26 Mph, So It Allows Me to Test on All Terrain for the Best Quality and Durability Testing.

Talking About the Comfort Then the Large Deck is So Enough That It Fit and Makes the Ride Comfortable and the Dual Disc Brake Provides the Full Control of Breaking.

Why It is in First Position

Despite of a Big Size Fat Tire Electric Bike, It is Easily Foldable With Few Seconds, and I Can Able to Travel Easily With It by Carrying it With My Hand.

Over All It is a Great Combination of Power and Performance in a Budget Segment Where You Get All the Best Features, That Helps Me to Put This Bike in the Front of This Post.

Splach Twin – Motors: Dual 48v 600w (Best in Class)

image 44


  • Speed: 28 Mph
  • Range: 28 Miles
  • Weight: 53 Lbs
  • Load: 220 Lbs


  • Portable and Easy to Carry
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Superb Acceleration
  • IP54 Water-resistance
  • Powerful Drum Brakes
  • Best for Beginner


  • Lighting Setup is Poor

I Already Discussed a Lot About This Beauty and Beast Combination That Provide You with All the Best Facilities Under the Price of $1000.

So if You Have a Low Budget and Looking for Best Electric Scooter With a Dual Motor Then the Splach Twin Comes With Two 48v 600w Motors That Produce in Power and Gene Torque to Climb All Types of Roads and Mid Tarrins.

It is a Pocket-Friendly Compact Electric Scooter That Provides a Top Speed of 28 Mph Top Speed With Its Dual Motor and a 749wh Capacity Battery.

As a Tech Guy, I Check All the Technical Details Like LED, Entertainment LCD Display, Braking, Suspension, and Insane Well Built Body

Why We Recommend It

Overall It is a Great Product After Testing It for Few Weeks, Smooth Shock Absorption to the Large Size Deck Makes the Ride Enjoyable and Powerful Making It a Perfect Place in the Best Category of Affordable Dual Motor Scooter That I Recommend to You.

Hiboy Titan Pro ($1,199)

image 45


  • Motor – 2 X 1,200w
  • Top Speed – 32mph
  • Max Range – 40 Miles
  • 10″ Pneumatic Tires
  • Ip55 Water-resistance Rating

The Hiboy Titan Pro is Extremely Popular Because of its Great Power to Performance Ratio. With the Power of Dual 1,200-watt Electric Motors, It Produces a Speed of 20 Mph and Covers Up to 40 Miles in Economical Condition.

While Testing It on the Road its Acceleration Time is Very Less and the Top Speed With a Few Seconds, Front and Back Shock Absorb Works Pretty Well With the Great Suspension System.

Despite of Being a Heavyweight Guy, It Works Pretty Well as It Can Carry Up to 286lb Where the 10-inch Off Road Tires and Dual Disc Brake Do a Great Job With the Combination of Speed.

Talking About What I Like the Most is Its Portability and Light, While It is Very Easy to Fold It and Put in Your Car for Travel and It Comes With Massive Dual Led Headlight That Makes the Night Journey More Enjoyful.

Why I Suggest You

Along With All the Features Of LED Display, Powerful Bells, and Great Portability, There is a Seat Customization Option That You Can Get in This E Scooter That Will Help for Senior as the Best Gift as Well or You Can Also Make Long Journeys by Sitting Comfortably in the Heavy Traffic.

Splach Titan – Motors: Dual 52v 1000w(Power House)

image 46


  • Speed: 37 Mph
  • Range: 44 Miles
  • Weight: 64 Lbs
  • Load: 220 Lbs


  • Excellent for Long-range Rides
  • Easy to Fold & Carry
  • IP54 Water-resistance Rating
  • Best for All Types of Terrain
  • Value for Money
  • Lighting Impress Me the Most


  • Higher Load Capacity Will Affect the Speed
  • The deck is Short (as I Am a Big Guy)

I Might Be a Little Bit Partial About This Bike is It is One of My Favorite Electric Bike, Where You Get Two 52v 1000w Motors With 52v 20.8ah Batteries That Produce a Fantastic Performance With a Top Speed of 37 Mph Which is Incredible Fast.

It Takes Only 2.5 Seconds From 0-15 Mph With the 12 Speeds and It Covers Upto 44 Miles. It is Strong, Durable and the Rugged Type Will Let Your Let to Move Any Type of Terrain.

Discussing About the Technical Specifications It Comes With a Super Light Setup With a Luminous Front LED and Colorful LED Strips on Its Body Which You Can Control From Your Mobile, and a Display That Displays the Data on Speed, Time, and Battery Level.

Why I Recommend It

It Pushes a Great Competition to Other Electric Bikes in This Price Segment With All the Advance Features and That Dual Disc Brake to Put a Great Stopping on It.

Over All, It is a Great Bike but as a Tall Guy I Have a Bit of an Issue With the Deck as It Seems Short for My Big Leg,

Apollo Ghost – Motors: Dual 52v 1000w (Stylish Off-Roader)

image 47


  • Speed: 37 Mph
  • Range: 39 Miles
  • Weight: 64 Lbs
  • Load: 300 Lbs
  • Motors: Dual 52v 1000w
  • Battery Capacity: 946wh
  • 0-15 Mph: 2.5 S


  • Excellent Brakes
  • Value for Money
  • Superb Acceleration Rate
  • Multiple Customization Option
  • Best for Heavy Riders
  • Strong Build Quality
  • Easy to Fold & Carry
  • P54 Water-resistance Rating


  • Kickstand is Weak
  • Light Could Be Better

Price Power Performance Everything is Extraordinary With is True Leader of Dual Motor Electric Scooter That I Recommend to Everyone if You Have the Budget for a Best & Beast E-scooter.

It is a Semi-segment Best Entry Level Dual Motor Electric Bike That Takes Only 2.5 Seconds for the 0-15 Mph. After It for a Week and Checking the Community of Scooters, I Got This Scooter is a Super Combination of Power and Performance According to Its Price.

That Dual Motor is Aggressively Powerful and Generates Extreme Power to Enhance the Thrill of Riding and to Enjoy All Types of Roads.

Its Best Quality Control Never Gets Disbalance From My Hand and the Easy to Fold Feature Help Me to Put It in My Car to Take It to the Office.

Why I Recommend It

Specs Like Dual Spring, Dual Disc Brake, Cool LED Lights, Infotainment Display and a Practical Look Make the Difference From Other Electric Scooter, So It Will Completely Satisfy You if You Are a Daily Computer or Looking for a Off Roader, It is a Good Choice for You Under the Budget $1700.

Varla Eagle One ($2,099)

image 48


  • Twin 1,000-watt Brushless Motors
  • Top Speed: 40 Mph
  • 52v 18.2ah (646wh) Lithium-ion Battery
  • Range: 40 Miles
  • Tires: 10″ Pneumatic
  • Weight: 77 Lbs
  • Payload Capacity: Up to 330 Lbs

A Popular All Terrains Electric Scooter the Varla Eagle One Comes With a 1000w X 2 Dual Hub Motor That Produces a Crazy Top Speed of 45 Mph, the Disturbed the Market W With Speed to Quality Ratio.

It is a Well Popular Dual Motor Electric Scooter That Can Cover Up to 40 Miles With 3 Gears and the Mode Provide You the Stability of Covering Long Distance Significantly by Saving Battery Power.

The Dual Suspension, Large Deck, and Hydraulic Brake Make the Right Comfort and Give a Huge Competition in the Scooter Market.

Why I Recommend It

From Fast Charging to Quality Battery, and Powerful Motor to Impressive Led Light Everything Comes With Top Not Quality You Can Control With the LCD Display, You Can Control Everything.

Overall It is a Complete Package That Makes the Electric Scooter the Best in the $2000 Segment

Now the Below Segment Are the Premium Segment Where You Get Everything Best in Terms of Quality to Performance They Definitely Attract Your Eyes and Encourage You to Test Them, So if You Want Something Extreme as a Pro Rider Then the Below Options Are Only Waiting for You.

Mantis King GT – (Best in Class)

image 49


  • Speed: 43 Mph
  • Range: 56 Miles
  • Weight: 74 Lbs
  • Load: 265 Lbs
  • 0-15 Mph: 1.9 S
  • Motors: Dual 60v 1100w
  • 1440wh Battery


  • Smooth and Easy to Control
  • Powerful Yet Excellent Handling
  • Solid Build
  • Impressive Led Lights
  • IPX5 Water-resistance Rating
  • Battery Efficient
  • Best in-Class Performance
  • Designed for Heavy Riders


  • Folding Latch Slaps the Stem
  • The Deck is a Little Short (as I Am a Tall Guy)

A Powerful Dual Motor Electric Bike From Voromotors, Where the Name is Not Only the King, It is a True Performance Leader When It Comes to Real Life Testing.

It is very Enjoyable While Testing This Powerful Beast and the Performance, Power, Braking, and Suspension Never Disappoint Me With Quality Power Delivery.

From Daily Commute to Off Roading, Easy to Fold and Portable in Nature Make It Truly Winner.

With the Impressive Design, It Comes With TOW 60v 1100w Motors That Produce the Power of 43 Mph Top Speed With the Range of 56 Miles.

Being a Tech Guy I Always Check All the Technical Specification and Here the LED Setup Impress Me All the Way With the Powerful Front and Rear Lights Along With the Deck Light Rig Set Up With Various Colors and the TFT Display on the Handlebar Where You Get All the Information.

What is My Final Thought

So if You Have a Budget of Above $2000 Then the Mantis King GT is a Premium Off Roading Electric Scooter That Comes With All the Advanced Features for Heavy Riders and Amazing Look Force Me to Suggest This Beauty.

Wolf King GT (Off Roading Master)

image 50


  • Speed: 62 Mph
  • Range: 70 Miles
  • Weight: 115 Lbs
  • Load: 330 Lbs
  • Motors: Dual 72v 2000w
  • Capacity: 2,520wh
  • 0-15 Mph: 1.7 S


  • Quick Acceleration
  • Largest Dual Motor
  • High Road Presence
  • Superb Hill-climbing Abilities
  • Design for the Floor Riders
  • IPX5 Water-resistance Rating
  • Extreme Build Quality


  • Heavy and Bulky
  • Difficult to Fold and Not Supportable
  • Expensive

As I Previously Mentioned, Here You Get Everything Max in the Export Category Wolf King Gt is One of Them With Max Speed and Max Output.

In Wolf King Gt You Get the Largest Motor Compared to Other Electric Scooters Where It Records of 0 to 15 Mph in 1.7 Seconds by Breaking All the Records in My Test.

From Beach to Mountains, I Test It All Types of Road Condition Bada** Super Powerful 2000 Watt Motor, Provide the Aggression of Riding the Ultra Performance Bike That Produce at Top Speed of 62 Mph and Climb Hill Up to 50 Degrees.

It is the Second Generation From the Brand for It Makes the Performance and Control More Smoother and Easier to Ride With Its Sporty Look.

Discussing About the Technical Specifications, You Got an Anti-glare TFT Display Which is Better Than the Previous One, Powerful LED Lights Along With Under-deck Lighting That is Quite Impressive.

Over All Experience

From Abs to Best Quality Tires It is a Feature Pack Beast With an Aggressive Design That Will Never Disappoint You in Any Road Condition or in Terms of Speed and Performance Which Will Always Put You in Front of the Competition.

So if You Have a Was That and Looking for a Power Packed Large Size Electric Scooter Then This is Definitely a Matter of Concern.

Nami Burn-e 2 (Incredible)

Nami Burn-e 2 Max


  • Speed: 45 Mph
  • Range: 90 Miles
  • Weight: 103 Lbs
  • Load: 330 Lbs
  • Motors: Dual 72v 1000w
  • 0-15 Mph: 1.7 S


  • Rugged Design
  • Powerful Light Rig
  • IP55 Water-resistance Rating
  • Extreme Sturdy and Well Built
  • Impressive Battery and Range
  • Industrial Leading Advance Technology
  • Full Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • For the Pro Riders


  • Little Heavy
  • Less Portable & Folding

Who Will Forget the Legendary Nami Burn-e 2, When It Comes to Power and Performance, Everything About This Electric Scooter is Impressive, and Max With This Game Changer and Performance Leader.

It is the Second Generation From Its Brand, Where Which Tweak All the Issues in the First Generation and Came Up With the Advanced 1,500-watt Dual Motors, That Produce Maximum Torque and a Top Speed of 60 Mph That hits 0-15 Mph Within 1.7 S.

As for the Lack of Time, I Test It Mostly in the Night-Time and the Large Luminous Light Makes the Road Visibility Always Clear and the Colorful Light Reg Make It More Enjoyable With the Smooth Riding.

The Tech Guy Check All the Real Life Specification Like 5ah Fast Charger, Large Size Tft Display on the Handlebar, Impressive Light Rig in the Deck, Folding Mechanism, and Safety Features That Makes It All Way Perfect for Heavy Riders.

Why I Suggest This

So Here I Love to Share My Practical Experience Which I Tested on the Ground Level, It is Definitely Best for the Pro Riders With the Game Changing Features And is Definitely Recommended to Those who Looking for the Best Electric Electric Scooter Without Any Price Issues.

So Over All, It is a Great Package for the Heavy Riders Who Want to Take the Enjoyment to the Next Level on Any Roads or Mountains.

How to Choose a Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter in 2023

Electric Scooters Are One of the Most Convenient Options for Travel by Avoiding the Busy Traffic in the Us Road by Taking Cuts, Will Never Make You Late for Your Destination.

I Understand That Your Primary Focus is Speed and Performance, Take Your Electric Scooter on Any Terrain, Which Will Never Pull You Back the Power and Acceleration.

So Choosing the Best Electric Scooter is a Tough Task Where You Can Follow the Below Steps to Find the Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter.

  • Find Your Need
  • Set a Budget
  • Choose From the Reputed Manufacturers
  • Check Users Rating & Review

Don’t Worry Here We Focus on All the Above Major Factors, and, With Com With the Best Electric Scooter With Best in Class Price Range and Performance, That You Can Choose According to Your Budget From This Post.

We Focus on Daily Life Testing Rather Than Technical Specifications and Put the Results in Front of You to Judge Your Scooter in a Better Way, From All Tarrin Testing to All the Technical Specification Testing Them.

Using in Real Life Also Adds a Thrill to My Life as I Am an Electric Scooter Lover, With Testing of More Than 150 Electric Scooters From Different Brand.

Wrap Up

After a Massive Testing of More Than 17 Dual Motor Electric Scooters, Here is My Final Pick of the Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter in 2023 and Again I Put the All Rounder Budget Winner Widewheel Pro, and the Mantis V2 the Premium Legend With All the Required Specification.

I Always Promote Safety So Don’t Forget to Take All Safety Gear, While Going Out With Your Electric Scooter to Avoid Unusual Incidents.

So That’s It From My Side if You Are Thinking About More Details About Different Types of Electric Scooters, E-Skateboards, and Other Electric Vehicles, Then Also Visit Other Posts on This Site Where I Love to Share All the Informative Articles With You.

Lastly, if You Have Stills Some Issues of Choosing a Dual Motor Electric Scooter, Then Don’t Worry I Will Also be Happy to Help You by Clearing All Your Doubts, You Can Simply Contact me With by Email or Comment Below and I Will Talk to Answer All Your Queries.

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