10+ Best Accessories for E Scooter (2023) Must Have Accessories for Electric Scooter

If you are an electric scooter lover like me and looking for the best accessories for your electric scooter to take the comfort and riding quality to the next level.

Here in this post I am with all the best and must have accessories for your electric scooter.

An electric scooter is one of the most convenient methods to commute, it comes with multiple advantages and the lightweight and durable design makes it perfect for beginner to heavy riders.

Ok, there are many accessories for different types of electric scooters to enhance the power and performance, but here I choose the must have accessories that increase the potential of your electric scooter.

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Accessories for Electric Scooter

10+ Must have Accessories for E Scooter | Best Accessories for Electric Scooter 2023

When it comes to recommendations then adding different types of accessories will increase the look, power, and safety of an electric scooter but all of them are not very useful.

So I choose the must-have accessories that will help you smooth your ride and make your journey comfortable in both day and night time.

From stickering to adding LED lights there are many add-ons that you can add to your electric scooter but some of the best accessories are



Helmets are one of the most essential accessories for any vehicle and when it comes to electric scooters then there are many types of elements that you can choose for yourself.

Yes, there is no law about electric scooters but the safety gear is only for your protection rather than the laws.

So choosing the best helmet for yourself and wearing it while riding will protect you.

There are different types of best elements that I can choose according to style, design, and safety, I put all the details which you can check below in the post.

Front and Rear light

image 81

In most of my reviews of different electric scooters, I find that the lights are not up to the mark, so I put the lights in my accessory list.

There are only a few top-end electric scooters that provide the best quality headlights or taillights, majority of brands lack of missing powerful headlights.

So if your main purpose is riding at night, then adding the extra lights, especially the powerful headlights helps to provide you more visibility to ride smoothly at night.

Adding extra lights on your scooter will also provide you protection if your primary headlight stops working, so adding the powerful headlights 400-lumens strong headlight would be great.

Headlights are not high in cost so you can easily choose the best quality headlights and taillights for your electric scooter from Amazon.

Fluorescent turn signal vest

image 82

Fluorescent vests is a perfect for night riding where you indicate other participants by sharing your position and movement of your scooter.

So it plays a greater role in road safety that’s why I recommend the fluorescent vest where you can easily share your moment with other riders which makes your riding more safe.

Using the best fluorescent vest is a great idea if your primary purpose is night riding.

Safety armor/jacket

image 83

A safety jacket is another must-have accessory that I strongly recommend. No matter what vehicle you ride wearing all the proper safety gear will help you to protect yourself from unusual situations and injuries.

So jacked is one of the must-have accessories where you can invest, so choosing the best quality full jacket will protect your whole body along with the spine.

There are many best quality full jackets available on Amazon Fire you can invest in which are comfortable and promise to provide the best safety.


image 84

Investing in a lock is a primary step that you take towards the safety of your electric scooter, so if you put your electric scooter outside for more time then investing in locks is definitely protects your scooter.

There are different types of locks available for electric scooters which you can choose according to your need. I already reviewed all the best quality locks for electric scooters.

Those locks are available at affordable prices along with it is really tough to break them by thieves. So choose the best scooter according to your needs and buy an understanding of the situation.


image 86

A basket is one of the most useful accessories that makes an electric scooter complete but sadly most of the brands lack of providing basket along with their electric scooter.

That’s why I put the basket on my accessory list, A basket for an electric scooter would not require much investment, and by adding a basket to your electric scooter allows you to carry more weights like books, groceries, essential gadgets, and others.

So if you use your electric scooter for daily shopping and marketing then installing a basket will help carry all the groceries and other items for home.


image 87

Anti-theft alarm is a lifesaver that will help you to protect your scooter from any notorious guy who touches your electric scooter.

Most of electric scooter manufacturers are fail to provide this feature along with the electric scooter so with a low investment you can get an alarm for your electric scooter.

There is a little issue of it with the controller, so if you do not have much idea about it then you can take it to the manufacturer or to a nearby repair shop then install the alarm.

So investing in small anti-theft alarm accessories for your electric scooter will help you from getting stolen or from other guys who want to touch the buttons or other parts of your scooter.

Glasses or eye protection

image 88

Adding an extra layer of protection while riding helps you to write smoothly so glasses are the perfect associates to invest.

So if you have a proper full helmet with a visor then there is no need to invest in glass but if you are helmet does not have any sun shield, then you can choose riding glasses.

A riding glass can help you by protecting you from sun rays, dust, bugs, debris, and others by making your visibility clean and clear.

So investing in a pair of glasses will protect your eyes while riding.

Phone holder

image 89

Smartphones have become one of the essential parts of our lives and people are never out anywhere without their smartphones so installing a phone holder will help you in multiple ways.

While long rides, delivery business, charing or while navigation it will help you in all the ways, so we tell low-cost investment you can install a smartphone holder on your electric scooter.

It will help you to access your smartphone all the time by allowing you to access the scooter app, for navigation and for other works.

Storage bag

image 85

Storage bag as an essential accessory for your electric scooter comes with multiple benefits. One of the most useful accessories that can also work is a basket or like a bag where you can carry all types of essential gadgets while riding.

You can install them on the front or back side of your electric scooter. Storage bags or trunks are available at affordable prices and for better products on and waterproofing you can also invest in a much higher price.

So check the best quality trunk or storage bag on Amazon with a great deal.


image 90

Seats allow you to ride your electric scooter for a long time without sweating and also promise to provide a comfortable ride.

By adding the seats you can level up the enjoyment while riding, so before choosing and seat for your electric scooter you must check the frame and find if is it possible to install a seat or not.

Many brands also have seats along with the scooter, but if you do not have seats in your electric scooter, then you can find different types of comfortable seats at an affordable price.

What are the best accessories that I can install on my electric scooter?

Helmets, powerful headlights, safety jackets, locks, baskets, and phone holders are the best accessories that you can install on your electric scooter which are available at affordable prices.

Where to buy accessories for electric scooter ?

Many manufacturers sell different accessories along with the scooters which you can find on the manufacturer’s website you can also find different accessories on Amazon at an affordable price.

Can I install multiple accessories on my electric scooter ?

Yes, you can install multiple accessories like smartphone holders, led headlights, baskets, seats, and others on your electric scooter to increase the maximum potential of your electric scooter for more comfort.


Except for these 10 must-have accessories, there are also many accessories that you can install on your electric scooter which are optional like stickers, cupholder, wall mount, LED strips, and others that increase the look and design of your electric scooter, but here I mainly focus on the essential accessories which will help you to smooth your riding experience.

If you are looking for more information about electric vehicles like electric scooters, cars, and e-bikes then check other posts on the site where my team will allow you to share information all content with you.

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