15+ Best Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturers in India (2024)

Are You Searching for the Best Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturers in India, That Will Full Fill Your Requirements When You Face Issues with Your Electric Vehicle?

Whenever You Face Problems in Your Vehicle Then You Look for Different Parts of Manufacturing Companies and When It Comes to Electric Vehicles, These Are in the Growing Phase and Are a Bit Difficult to Find Different Parts as Many Companies Launch Different Products in the Market.

Here We Select All the Reputed and Industrial Leading EV Parts Manufacturing Companies Where You Can Get All the Needs Required for Your EV.

So Here in This Post, We Have Selected and Ranked the Top 15+ Best Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturers in India That Will Help to Grow The EV Market in 2024.

The EV is Growing Rapidly to Fulfill the Rider and Daily Commuter’s Need.

After the Rapidly Growing of the Price of Petrol, Which is Badly Affecting the Travel Industry, So Many Startups, and Reputed Vehicle Manufacturing Companies Come to Front to Solve the Issue With Their Multiple Electric Vehicles Like Electric Scooter, Bike, E-rickshaw and Many More.

Top 3 Benefits Of Electric Vehicle (EV)

  1. Less Fuel Cost
  2. Zero Emission
  3. Low Maintenance Cost

Of Course, Marketing is Growing Rapidly and Related Industries Like Battery Manufacturing, EV Parts Manufacturing are Also Booming.

Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturers

Here in This Post, You Will Find Out All the Best Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Companies That Are Currently Fulfilling the Market With Their Products in 2024

Top 15+ Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturers in India 2024

The Body Structure of Any EV is Much Simpler than Compared to Petrol Bike, It is Made of a Few Parts Like Batteries, Controllers, Tires, Brakes, Suspension, and a Few Other Components.

The Structure of an Electric Vehicle is Very Simple Rather Than a Complex Combustion Fuel Engine. That’s Why It Comes With Very Low Maintenance Costs in a Long Term Usage That Enhance the New Riders for an Electric Vehicle.

With the Low Maintenance Cost, It Comes With Low Fuel Cost and Other Multiple Advantages of Electric Vehicles in 2024.

The Electric Vehicle Comes With a Simple Engine Structure That Makes the Electric Vehicle More Affordable, Most of Electric Vehicles Come With 4 Main Parts.

The Main Parts Of Electric Vehicle are

  1. Motor
  2. Battery Pack
  3. Controller
  4. BMS (Battery Management System)

These Four Parts Are the Heart of Any Electric Vehicle, Which Are the Most Essential Parts, Along With Electric Vehicle Comes With Lights, Display Panel, Sensors, Suspensions, Forks, Break Leaver, Handle, Accelerator, Wheels, Tires, and Etc, Like a Regular Vehicle.

Best Electric Vehicle Spare Parts Manufacturers in India (Best Powertrain Component Suppliers for EVs)

Not a Single Company Manufacture All Types of EV Parts So We Have to depend on Multiple Brands for the Best EV Parts Out There.

Few Companies Manufacture the Best Batteries, Vehicle Few Manufacture the Best Motor and We Have Listed Them Below and You Can Choose them as Per Your Needs.

1. Minda Industry (for Spare Parts)

It is a One-Stop Solution for Any Electric Vehicle Spare Parts. It is one of the Best Indian Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturing Companies. This Company Manufactures Different Types of Components Like Lights, Switches, Sensors, Brakes, and Other Parts.

Many Two Wheeler EV Companies Like Bajaj Chetak, and TVS IQube Electric Scooters Use the Spare Parts of the Minda Company and Launch Their Two Wheeler at Affordable Prices.

2. Gogoa1 (for Full Kit)

A Multi-National Company That Sell Its EV Components in Foreign Countries. It is a Maharashtra-based EV Components Manufacturing Company That Also Built Essential R.T.O. Approved EV Conversion Kit, Required to Convert Petrol Vehicle to Electric One and Also Kits for Electric as Well.

3. Amara Raja

Amar Raja is a Known and Multiple National Battery Manufacturing Company. With the Demand of Batteries for Electric Vehicles, the Amar Raja Company Manufactures Different Batteries especially for EVs by Keeping the Safety Standards in the Front.

Greenfuel Energy – the Greenfuel Energy Company is Well Known for Manufacturing the Most Important Parts of an Electric vehicle Like the Best Quality BMS, Motors, controllers, and Many Other Core Components, Which Are Highly Essential for Electric vehicles.

It is a Haryana-Based EV Parts Manufacturing Company and Well Known for Power Train Components.

4. Bharat Power Solution

It is One of the Most Popular Battery Manufacturing Companies, Which is Widely Famous for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Companies. It is a UP, Noida-based Company that Started 12 Years Back and Has the Expertise of Manufacturing Different Electric Vehicles.

5. Auto Die-cast

The body Structure of an Electric Vehicle is Very Important, It Needs to Be Lightweight by Providing Maximum Strength and Durability, and That Time the Auto Die-cast Company Plays a Major Role.

The Auto Die-cast Manufactures the Body Structure and Chases of Electric Vehicles With High-Quality Aluminum, That Provides a Strong Body With a Light Weight to Make the EV Perfect.

6. Okaya Battery

Okaya is Well Known for Manufacturing Lithium-ion Batteries.

It is one of the Oldest Companies That Manufacture Inverter Batteries for Homes and Offices but With the Demand of Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric vehicles, This Company has Started Manufacturing Lithium-ion batteries for Electric vehicles.

7. Jayem Automotive

A Tamil Nadu, India Based Company Widely Famous for EV Components Like BMS, Power Train, Battery, Motor, and Components. The Jayem Automotive Works on Developing Modern Technology and Powerful EV Components.

8. Napino

Napino is a Haryana-based EV Parts Manufacturing Company Well Known for EV Batteries, Motors, Chargers, BMS, and Many Other Supporting Components. It Provides Spare Components to Many Local Brands and Nation EV Companies in India.

9. Electra EV

It is a Pune-based EV Parts Manufacturing Company Started Back in 2017 by Ratan Tata.

With the High Experience of Developing and Manufacturing Different Types of Motors and Controllers, the Electra EV Company Also Manufactures Complete Power Trains for Electric Vehicles, Which is the Heart of Electric Vehicles.

10. Elecnovo

A Bangalore-based Company That Manufactures High-Quality Electric Vehicle Motors and Controllers. Elecnovo Private Limited Was Started Back in 2018 and It is Listed on the Share Market as Well. It Works to Provide Battery Quality Motors for a Green Revolution for the Electric Vehicle.

11. Exicom Power Solution

When It Comes to Charing Systems Then the Exicom Power Solution Comes to the Front.

It is India’s Leading Li-ion battery, Charging System, and Battery Management System Manufacturing Company. It is Started in Haryana, as EV Solution Providing Company that Manufacture Superior Quality Batteries With Over 21 Years of Experience.

12. Rizel Automotive

A Dedicated Electric Motor Manufacturing Company That Works on the Latest Technology and Brings Revolution in the Electric Motor Segment. It Also Manufactures Electric Vehicle Power Trains That Helps Rider to Overcome Difficult Situations and Reach their Destination.

13. Compage Automation

Compage Automation Company is Widely Known for Manufacturing BLDC Motors, Which Are the Best Electric Motors That Consume Very Less Power and Provide High Torque to the Electric Vehicle.

It Also Manufactures Motors for Other Vehicles Like Hydraulics, Hybrid Vehicles, Tractors, CNC, and Electric as well.

14. Trontek

With the Experience of 14 Years the Trontek Company Manufactures High Capacitive Batteries. It is a Delhi-Based Battery Manufacturing Company that Started Back in 2007, and With the Demand for Batteries for Electric Vehicles, This Company is Now Manufacturing the Best Quality EV Batteries With High Safety and Delivering them to the Market.

15. Fiem Industry

To Support the Green Revolution the Fiem Industry Partnership With Japan Companies and Manufacture Lights, Side Mirrors, Indicators, and Infotainment Display Panels Used in Vehicles.

It is a Haryana Company That Supplies Ola Electric for Their Well Know Electric Scooter Ola S Line Up Electric Vehicle.

16. EV Battery Solution

With the Name of Battery Solution, the Company Manufactures Highly Efficient Lithium Batteries for All Types of Electric Vehicles. It Also Provides Battery to Drones, Medical Devices, and Other Industrial Work.

It Majorly Focuses on Manufacturing High Safety Lithium-ion Batteries for All Light Weight to Heavy Weight Vehicles. It Was Started Back in 2016 in Bangalore.

Other Growing EV Spare Parts Manufacturing Companies

Many Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Companies in India and Companies Are Doing Really Great in India Business and Selling High-Performance Electric Scooter With Full Safety Measures.

Also Many Foreign Brands Sell Electric Vehicles by Importing the Products From Outside and Assembling Them in India, There Are Many Electric Scooters in the Market Which Are Chinese Scooter and the Design and Specification is the Same but With Different Logo and Different Brands.

From the Government of India to Foreign Investors Supporting the EV Culture as It Has a Great Future and Investing Money in Different EV Startups.

So Choose Your Electric Vehicle Wisely.

Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturers in India

Top 7 Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturers in Global Market 2024 (in the World)

  1. Robert Bosch Gmbh
  2. Panasonic Corp
  3. Denso Corp
  4. Exide Industries Ltd
  5. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd
  6. Eastman Auto & Power Ltd
  7. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co


The Electric Vehicle Market is Growing Very High as the Price of Increasing Crude Oil and the Future Scope of All of These Companies and Related Companies to EV, Are Also Very High, So You Can Have a Look on Invest on All These Companies as Well. Most of the Companies Are Also Listed on the Share Market.

We Differentiate All the Companies According to Their Selling Parts as There Are Many Parts in an Ev and Many Companies Hold the Specialisation of Producing Single Products Like Battery, Light, Bms, Motor Etc.

Hopefully, You Find All Your Answers and the Best Company to Purchase Parts for Your Electric Vehicle or Want to Invest in the Bright Future of the Ev Culture.

So Here are All the Top 15+ Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Companies in 2024, and These Companies Manufacture EV Batteries, Power Trains, Body Structure, Lights, Water Proof, and High-Quality Touch Screen Displays.

There Are Also Many Companies and Startups Coming to the Market and Manufacture Different Types of Spare Parts for the Electric Vehicles in 2024.

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