Top 7 Reasons Why EVs Are Not Perfect Solution for Future and Environment (EV Disadvantages)

So the Whole World is Currently Talking About the Major Benefits and Use of Electric Vehicles for Future Uses, but the question is, Do Electric Vehicles Really Make the Changes ?, or Are Ready for Future Uses, and The Other Questions Are Still Unanswered.

So Why Do We Use Electric Vehicles as an Alternative to Petrol Vehicles?

Using an Electric Vehicle as an Alternative to Petrol Vehicles, Because It Was Already Ready to Use at the Time, but It is Never the Practical Solution for the Future and Also the Environment.

7 Reasons EVs are Not Perfect Solution for Future

7+ Reasons EVs Are Not Perfect Solution for the Future and Environment | EV Disadvantages

Hello, Friends Welcome to This Amazing Post Here in Post, Here in This Post We Will Not Describe the Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles in 2024, but We Will Describe Why Electric Vehicles Are Not the Perfect Solution for the Future or Global Environment.

In This Post, We Tried Our Best to Provide You With All the Practical and Theoretical Knowledge as Well as the Myth to Clear All the Doubts by Providing the Best Knowledge That You Can Have About Electric Vehicles.

After the Global Pandemic, the Price of Each and Every Consumer Product are Growing Rapidly, but the Price of Petrol is Not Growing but Skyrocketing the Upper Limit, So Each and Everyone Looking for Other Alternative Source of Petrol Vehicles.

At That Time Electric Vehicles Come to the Front Because It is Ready to Use and Seem to Be Environment and Economy-friendly Vehicles That Are Future-proof.

We Use the Electric Vehicle Because It is Ready to Use and There Are No Other Options, or Other Options Are Currently in Under Development Conditions That Are Not Ready to Use, So We Take EV as an Alternative Option for Daily Use.

So Here Are the Top 7 Reasons That Why Electric Vehicle is Not the Right or Perfect Solution for the Future

  1. Limited Range
  2. High Upfront Cost
  3. Battery Issues
  4. Charging Infrastructure
  5. Hydrogen as Fuel
  6. Limited Availability
  7. Dependence on Electricity

1. Limited Range

Most of the Top-end Electric Vehicles Come With a Range of 120-150 KM on a Single Charge, and It Takes 4 to 6 Hours for a Complete Charge of the Battery.

So the Range Makes an Issue When It Comes to an Electric Vehicle,

Most of the Affordable Electric Vehicles Also Come With 58 to 90 Km on a Single Charge and It is Impossible for Long Rides With Electric Vehicles as the Fast Charging Stations Are Not Proper Developed. So It is Limited to the Daily Users Who Travel a Limited Distance Every Day.

2. High Upfront Cost

Day by Day With the Increasing Demand for Electric Vehicles, the Price of Electric Vehicles is Growing Very High.

Along With Demand, the Subsidies Which Are Provided by Different States Around the Country Are Reduced, So You Have to Pay a Higher Amount to Purchase an Electric Vehicle.

3. Battery Issues

It is a Big Question Electric Vehicles Are Really Eco-friendly and Reduce Carbon Emission?

So the Answer is No

Most of the Batteries Used in Electric Vehicles Are Lithium-ion Batteries Which Are One of the Most Efficient Batteries for Electric Vehicles.

The Lithium-ion Batteries, Longevity Goes Up to 3 Years and the User Has to Change Their Batteries After 3 Years of Use.

Here the Materials Used in the Battery Are Non-disposables and Increase Carbon Emissions and Also Increasing Global Warming.

So Indirectly It Becomes the Cause of Global Warming as the Batteries Are Non-disposables or Non-usable.

4. Charging Infrastructure

Of Course, There Are Many Electric Vehicles Companies Are come with Different Fast Charing Infrastructures but All of Them Are in the Initial Stage.

It Requires High Investment for Complete Charging Station Development Around the Country, Most of Electric Vehicle Companies Are Focused on Selling Their Electric Vehicles Rather Than Growing the Charging Infrastructure Development, So the Charging Issue is a Major Issue That Limits Electric Vehicles to Regular Users Only.

Of Course, It Will Solve in the Near Future the Company Focuses on the Development of the Fast Charging Station

5. Hydrogen as Fuel

We Use the Electric Vehicle as It is the Ready-to-go Option When Crude Oil Prices Are Increasing.

But Electric Vehicles Are Not the Proper Solution, in the Meantime Hydrogen as Fuel Comes to the Front to Resolve the Issues.

Hydrogen is a Truly Eco-friendly Fuel That is in Development Condition, Only a Few Automobile Companies Develop Their Vehicles on Hydrogen Fuel Like Toyota.

Hydrogen as Fuel in the Vehicle Makes the Vehicle Engine More Stable and Refined, in a Hydrogen Vehicle We Use Hydrogen as Fuel, and It Produces Water as Output, Which Makes the Environment Completely Eco-friendly With These Types of Vehicles.

6. Limited Availability

Most of Electric Vehicle Companies Launched Their Bikes in Metro Cities and in Their Hometowns/states, So People Around the Country Cannot Go Through Electric Vehicles to Purchase Vehicles.

So Limited Availability is Another Issue, That Stops the Wire to Get the First Electric Vehicles They Like.

7. Dependence on Electricity

At the End of the Day, We Have to Rely on Electricity to Charge the Battery of the Electric Vehicle.

In the Modern World, Most of Products Come With Batteries and they Need Electricity to Change and Work Normally.

Most of the Electricity Produced From Non-renewable Energy Leads to an Increase the Global Warming and Other Effects to the World Indirectly.

Possible Solutions For The Electric Vehicle Disadvantages

There Are Many Other Solutions is in Under Developing Conditions to Fulfill Global Transportation and the Private Transportation Segment to Replace the Crude Oil All the Increasing Price of Crude Oil.

Crude Oil is a Natural Gas and It Will End Any Day, So We Have to Get Ready for Other Options and Support the Companies, That are Continuously Working and Developing Different Types of Cycles to Complete the Petroleum Vehicles


So These Are the Major Issues and the Reasons, That Why Electric Vehicles Are Not the Proper Solution for the Eco-friendly Future That Helps to Protect the Environment by Significantly Growing and Balancing the Transport Sector.

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