5+ Best Electric Scooters with Seats 2023 [Tested and Rank]

We Understand That Comfort is Your Primary Priority While Riding, So You Are Searching for All the Amazing Electric Scooters With Seats.

Selecting the Perfect Electric Scooter Might Be Difficult as There is Only a Few Options When It Comes to Selecting a Good Electric Scooter With Seats, but You Do Not Have to Worry About It as We Are Here to Help You.

We Have Listed All the Top-notch Electric Scooters in the Market With Seats That Are From Reputed Brands, Where You Do Not Have to Compromise Between Quality and Price.

Yes, the Modern Electric Scooter Comes With a Very High Range, but Standing for a Long Time While Riding, Makes the Journey Uncomfortable Sometimes for Humans.

That’s Why We Are Here With All the 10 Best Electric Scooters With Seats.

After Testing 50 Electric Scooter and Seats I Have Selected All the Top 10 and Listed Below With Their Specification and Result From the Real Life Testing.

If You Are In a Hurry, Then Go With This:-

image 51
Top Product
Best Choice

Emove Cruiser + Seat

The Classic Colour, Comfortable Seats, Price to Specs Ration Attract My Attention and The Price Help Me to Suggest It.
On-Going Offer
No.ProductsPrice ListSeat Price
1Emove Cruiser + Seat (Affordable)Check PriceCheck Price
2Inokim Light 2 + Seat (Lightweight)Check PriceCheck Price
3Segway Ninebot Es2 + Seat (Durable)Check PriceCheck Price
4Dragon GT Electric Scooter (Incredible)Check PriceAttached
5Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter (Powerful)Check PriceAttached
6Evo Discovery Electric Scooter (Cool Design)Check PriceAttached
7Mercane Widewheel Pro + Seat (Stylish)Check PriceCheck Price
8Hiboy S2 (Value For Money)Check PriceCheck Price

7 Best Electric Scooters with Seats | E Scooter Review 2023

After more Than Three Weeks of Testing, I Found That Emove Cruiser is the Allround Winner That Passed the test With Impressive Results.

The Purpose of Electric Scooter With Seat (Why a Seated Electric Scooter)

Gradually Transportation Become a Part of the Modern Life That Makes Our Life Premium for We Use Different Methods for Daily Transportation.

Electric Scooters with Seats

Electric Scooter is a Part of Transportation That Makes Our Ride Enjoyable and Adding a Seat is a Great Idea for Those Are Who Grown Up (Old People) and Want to Enjoy the Long Right With and Powerful Electric Scooter With Great Breaking and Stability.

Most of Electric Scooters Come With Detachable or Integrated Seat as a Part of the Design Language, Which Are Really Impressive and Attracts the Grown Up Customers.

Also, It is a Good Option for a Person With Disabilities and Take the Enjoy of Ride With All These Models by Making the Curve Ride the Us Roads.

So We Chose the Best Electric Bike, Which Is Energy Efficient, Comes With a Good Range, a Powerful Braking System With the and Comfortable Seats as Well.

image 52
Top Product
Final Choice

Emove Cruiser + Seat

With the highest Users Rating, It Impresses Me With The Specification and Price of this Ebike.
On-Going Offer


  • Top Speed: 25 Mph
  • Range: 62 Miles
  • Weight: 52 Lbs
  • Motor: 600w
  • Wheel Size: 10 Inches
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Emove Cruiser is My Personal Favorite Electric Scooter Which I Review and Recommend in Most of My Posts Because of Its Advanced Features.

It Comes With an Incredible 52v 30ah Lg Battery With a 600w Brushless DC Motor That Provides a Range of Up to 62 Miles Which has a Top Speed of 25 Mph.

It Comes With 10 Inch Wide Deck, Dual Suspension, and Disc Breaking That Provide Comfort While Testing on the Us Road, as I am a Heavy Guy, I Always Look for a Caring Capacity So It Can Carry Up to 350 Lb Which is Enough in an Electric Scooter.

Why We Like It

Easy to Ride, Day and Night Ride With Power Full Lights, Large Deck, All Weather Ride, Easy to Fold, and Easy to Install the Best Quality Seat Force Me to Put This Bike in the First Position.


Inokim Light 2 + Seat

image 53


  • Top Speed: 21 Mph
  • Range: 20 Miles
  • Weight: 30 Lbs
  • Motor: 350w
  • Wheel Size: 8.5 Inches
  • Warranty: 12 Months

If You Are Looking for a Budget Electric Scooter With Seat Then Inokim Light 2 Will Never Disappoint You.

It is Our Second Priority Electric Scooter With a Seat, Which Comes With Aluminum Build Quality That Makes It Light and Easy to Ride in All Types of Road Conditions.

It Extremely Portable Electric Bike That Takes a Few Seconds to Fold and You Can Carry It Anywhere You Want a Part of Your Lifestyle.

It Carries Up to the Weight of 220 Lbs Which is Decent for the Majority of People Where You Get a 36v 10.4ah LG Lithium-ion Battery With 350 Watt Motor That Produces a Top Speed of 21 Mph.

As a Tech Person, I Check All the Technical Details and It Provides Me a Clean Cheat, Where You Get Front and Your LED Headlights, an Infotainment LCD Display on the Handlebar, Drome Brakes, and Comfortable and Adjustable Seats That Make your Journey Easier.

Why We Recommend It

Overall It is an All-rounder Electric Scooter With a Seat (Excluding the Seat) and Provides You with a Smooth Ride At an Affordable Price That’s Why We Put It in the Second Position.

Segway Ninebot ES2 + Seat

image 54


  • Top Speed: 15.5 Mph
  • Range: 15.5 Miles
  • Weight: 27.6 Lbs
  • Motor: 300w
  • Wheel Size: 8 Inches
  • Warranty: 12 Months

All the Electric Scooter That We Choose Come From Premium Brands Who Sell Multiple Electric Scooters and Electric Vehicles for a Long Time.

After Testing It on the Road It Gets Into the Notice of Different People as of Its Compact Design Where You Get a Powerful 300w Motor and Removable Battery, That Produces a Top Speed of 15 to 18 MPh with a Range of Up to 28 Miles.

It is an Electric Bike With a Silver-gray Body in That Looks Premium Along With Its Safety Features, Dual Shock Absorption Technology, and Ride Comfortable

Why We Love It

Overall It is a Budget-friendly Daily Commuter Electric Scooter Where You Add an External Seat Which Link We Add Below and Enjoy the Ride of Day and Night With Its Powerful Front and Rear LED Lights, High Carry Capacity, and Advanced Features.

Dragon GT Electric Scooter

image 55


  • Speed 25km/h Street Legal
  • Motor 500w
  • Battery 36v 10.4 Ah
  • Range 30km
  • IPX4 Rated
  • Weight Capacity 120kg

An Electric Scooter That Comes With Inbuilt Seat and Also the Best Selling Electric Scooter Which is Lightweight, Durable, and Convenient to Ride.

While Testing This Electric Bike on Different Road Condition It Work With Its Dual Suspension, 500w Motor Produce a Top Speed of 35km/hr With 20nm Max Torque.

It Comes With Inbuilt Front and Rear LED Light Along With a Multicolor LED Strip in the Deck Which Will Help You to Make Your Road Visibility Very High at the Night-Time.

Why We Recommend It

Overall a Budget Friendly Electric Scooter, That Comes With Multiple Features Which Work Pretty Well in Practical Life Testing of More Than 7 Days and the Brand Not Only for Course on Speed and Weight Capacity but Provide Up to Mark Safety Features for Different Types of Riders.

Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter

image 56


  • Speed 25 Km/h
  • Power 500w
  • Range 30km
  • Battery 48v12ah
  • Max Load: 120kg

A Premium Segment Electric Bike That Comes With Inbuilt Seat for the Pro Riders You Enjoy a Long Time While Riding on the Road.

It is a Fat Tire Electric Bike That Allows Us to Test in Different Road Conditions From Beach to Mountains and the Powerful 500w Brushless Motor Produce in a Power With a Top Speed of 25 Km/ph, Which Help Me to Make the Cuts in Heavy Traffic.

It Comes With a Font and Rear LED Light, Infotainment LCD Display, and Dual Disc Brake Make the Ride Right Comfortable in All Terrain.

Whom We Recommend It

So if You Are Looking for an Offered or Electric Bike With Seat Then It is a Great Option for You That You Can Ride It for a Long Time Duration and Its Durable and Sturdy Body Will Provide a Better Grip on the Road.

Overall the Bike Definitely Justify Its Price After Testing It for a Long Time and Definitely Recommended for the Heavy Riders.

Mercane Widewheel Pro + Seat

image 57


  • Top Speed: 26 Mph
  • Range: 22 Miles
  • Weight: 54 Lbs
  • Motor: 1000w
  • Wheel Size: 8 Inches
  • Warranty: 12 Months

If your Budget Off Roading is Your Primary Concern Then This Bike Will Never Disappoint You Which Comes From a Popular Brand Fluidfreeride.

The 4 Inch Wide Tires Will Provide You to Climb Up to 30 Degrees and Run Smoothly on Any Type of Road Condition While Testing It for a Long Time.

It Comes With a Kickstand, Which Control, 264 Lbs Weight Capacity, That Makes These Bike Absolutely Stunning According to Its Price.

For Testing It for More Than a Week the Design Languages Impress Me, Where It is Easy to Hold and I Can Put It in My Car to Take It Any Place It’s Highly Portable.

Best for Whom?

People Who Looking for a Normal Off-Roader That Also Works Pretty Well for the Daily Commute and Comes With Great Safety, Good Power, and Mileage With a Justified Price Range.

EVO Discovery Electric Scooter

image 58


  • Speed 25km/h Street Legal
  • Motor 2000w / 3000w
  • Battery 48v 12ah / 60v 12ah
  • Wheel Size 12″
  • Weight Capacity 140kg

The Searching for Your Best Off-Roading Electric Scooter With a Seat is End Here With Evo Discovery Electric Scooter.

Comes With a Powerful Fat Tire With the Makes Output That Amazes Me While Testing It on the Ground Level. It’s Power is Incredible in All Types of Road Condition With All the Comfort and Unmatched Performance.

So It Comes With Multiple Customization Options Where I Choose the Ultra 3000 Brushless Motor That Produces a Top Speed of Up to 55km/h With Aggressive Power, Along With the Dual Disc Brake Provide Me the Confidence of Put instant Stopping.

The 12 Inch Offer Tires Ride Anywhere With You That Makes the Journey Just Incredible.

Reason of Recommendation

Despite of Massive Battery, It Takes Only 4-6h for a Full Charge Wire You Get a size Deck With a Seat, Powerful LED Headlights, Large Size Infotainment Display, and an Unlock Key in the Middle.

Must Recommend for Those Who Looking for the Best Offer With Seat.

Do They Make Electric Scooters for Adults?

No, Electric Scooters Are Not Only for Adults, Anyone Can Have Their Electric Scooter by Following All the Safety Guidelines.

If You Are Underage then Take Permission From Your Parents, Then You Can Own an Electric Scooter, Which Will Help You Reach Your School or College in Time or Make Fun With Friends.

Are Electric Scooters Good for Seniors?

There Are Many Good Electric Scooters for Seniors That We Recommend in Our Post, Where the Brand Focus on Safety Features Rather Than Height of Speed, So Slow Electric Scooters Are Best for Seniors.

Here in This Post, We Have Shortlisted All the Best Types of Slow Speed Electric Scooters Best for Seniors That Also Comes With Seats.

Which is the Cheapest Electric Scooter With High Range?

If You Have a Law Budget Then I Will Recommend You to Go With the Inokim Light 2, Which is a Great Electric Bike for, Where You Getting Multiple Features and Work Very Well (After Real-life Testing) at an Affordable Price.

Can You Get an Electric Scooter With a Seat?

Yes, There Are Many Electric Scooter That Comes With Inbuilt Seats but Most of Electric Scooter Do Not Come With, Pre Build Seat but You Can Install Recommended Seats in Our Post.

What is the Top Speed of an Electric Scooter With a Seat?

From 21 to 28 Mph, While the Speed of an Electric Scooter Depends on Multiple Factors Like the Weight of the Person, Battery Percentage, Tire Quality, Weather Conditions, and Other Factors. So It May Vary in Different Scenarios.

My Final Thoughts

From Low Budget Category to Premium Electric Scooters I Have Listed All the Best Electric Scooters With Seats, Comes With All Other Premium Features of Speed, Reliability, and Comfort That Makes Your Journey Enjoy and Unforgettable.

If You Do Not Have Much Budget for the Inbuilt Electric Bike With Seats, Then I Recommend You to Go With the Affordable Options Like Inokim Light 2, Where You Get a Low Price Seat From Amazon and Attach It Easily to Your Scooter and Then Enjoy the Fabulous Ride.

Overall That’s It From My Side for I Tried to Focus on Real Life Testing Rather Than Putting the Specs in Front of You, So It’s Your Time to Judge the Best Electric Scooter for Yourself.

Still if You Are Confused Then Don’t Worry I Am Always There for You Why You Can Directly Mail Me or Comment Down Below and I Will be Happy to Answer the Question to Make Your Decision Clear.

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