E Scooter Weight 5+ (How much does electric scooter weigh?)

Due to the Multiple benefits along with The Light Weight, Portable Design Electric Scooters are Getting more Poplar day by day for Multi-purpose.

So if you have decided to purchase an electric scooter then you should definitely consider the purpose of buying then you can choose the weight, the performance, and the build quality for your work.

Here you will about the weight limit of an electric scooter, what are the factors affecting the weight of an electric scooter, and All the Important facts about the weight that will help you to choose a better payload capacity scooter for you.

Electric scooter weight

How much do electric scooters weigh?

Most of the popular electric scooters available for Daily commutes are comes with our standard specification where the weight is around 25-35 lbs, Which is Good But the off-roading electric scooters are heavyweight up to 150 lbs.

How much weight is perfect for me?

So if you want to purchase an electric Scooter for yourself then you have to go through multiple checking along with your requirements.

first, You have to Find Your purpose of purchasing, so if your primary purpose is to commute, Delivery, or For zip around the city, then You can definitely choose a Less Weight electric scooter Where It Will fulfill all your requirement to commute on the road.

But if your purpose is off roading, snow, and mountain riding then you can definitely go with a heavyweight electric scooter that comes with a powerful battery, a large motor, a Bulky in size, and many more.

Below are some of the best electric scooters from low to high weight that you can check for yourself according to your forward

Electric scooterWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)
GoTrax G220.99.5
Swagtron Swagger Pro167.25
UScooters Eco24.211
Kaabo Air24.211
GoTrax GXL Commuter26.412
Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite26.412
Inokim Light28.613
Ninebot ES 228.613
Turboant X728.613
Hiboy S228.613
Inokim Light 230.814
Ninebot ES 330.814
Inokim Quick 3 Hero3315
Kugoo ES235.216
Emove Touring39.618
Turbowheel Swift39.618
Dualtron Spider4420
Kugoo M4 Pro50.623
Dualtron Raptor54.124.6
NanRobot D4+6630
Qiewa Q Power81.437
Kaabo Wolf Warrior101.246
NanRobot RS1111050
Techlife X9114.452
UberScoot 1600W116.653
Dualtron X15470

All the above electric scooters are best in class and lightweight according to your requirement

Factors Affecting Electric scooters Weight

Factors Affecting Electric scooter’s Weight | Electric Scooter Weight

Most of the time you miss the promised range and performance from the manufacturer but Yes All of Them are Not their fault, As It depends upon your weight, battery Charge, road condition, Tire quality, and other factors.

There are many factors that affect the weight of an electric scooter And If You find the real cause, then It will help to take further action.

Build quality and Frame materials

When it comes to the weight of an electric scooter then the build quality and the material is the main factor that affects the weight, to build an electric scooter it primarily used aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber.

Aluminum is one of the most used materials as It is durable along with lightweight in nature, which helps the manufacturer to manufacture lightweight electric scooters which are durable in nature and lightweight in portability.

Carbon fiber is one of the most durable and lightweight materials used for electric scooters but due to its high in price, it majorly missing in affordable electric scooters.


The battery is one of the heavyweight component used in an electric vehicle where it take significantly to wait which affect other factors in an electric scooter. Most of the battery used in standard electric scooters are between 5-12 pounds, but you have to keep in mind that higher battery capacity provides you High range.


After the body frame and battery, the motor is the third component that affects the weight of an electric scooter. There are different types of Motors Like BLDC and Hub Motors and Both work differently, But most of the motors weigh between 4 to 6 pounds.

it also increases when you choose a dual-motor electric scooter on both of wheels for higher performance.

Other components

After the three main components, there are also Parts That affect the weight of an electric scooter and the form of them are brakes, suspension, lights, bell, kickstand, and others that make changes in the total weight of an electric scooter.

Purpose of Checking the Weight of Electric Scooter

Checking the weight of an electric scooter will provide you with more knowledge and confidence about your electric scooter so consider all the factors that are affecting the weight of an electric scooter.

5 purposes of checking the weight of an electric scooter

  • It provides safety and stability
  • Capable of portability
  • How much it can carry (Storage Space)
  • Build quality and durability
  • The most important Speed

Pros and Cons of Heavy-Duty and Light Electric Scooters

Both lightweight and heavyweight electric scooters come with their advantages and disadvantages and hear it matters the purpose of purchasing where you can make a few changes in your electric scooter to enjoy a smooth ride according to your need.

First, we discuss about the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lighter Electric scooter


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Easy to cornering
  • Better performance of the battery due to the lightweight
  • Available at affordable price
  • Perfect for kids and Old People
  • Durability


  • Low ability
  • unreliable and does not last long
  • Less Payload capacity
  • Less speed compare to the offroading scooters

Ok Let’s discuss about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Heavy/ Off-roading Electric scooters


  • Helps to enjoy the power along with the performance
  • More stable with the large body
  • Can Ride Up hills
  • Ride in Snow, Off roads, Mountains
  • High pay Load capacity
  • High quality durable build


  • Disadvantages
  • Low portability
  • High maintenance
  • High price
  • Heavyweight
  • Longer Charging Time

So above are the major advantage and disadvantages of a lightweight and heavy-weight electric scooter.

How to choose an electric scooter

How to choose an electric scooter (based on weight) electric scooter weight

There is no need to worry about your weight as in the competitive market they are all types of electric scooters available according to the price to weight.

So choosing the best electric scooter is not difficult anymore with this guide.

Understand the need

Here you can Find The purpose of purchasing Like daily commute, off roading, or Other along with your weight.

Set A Budget

After deciding all your requirement and measuring your weight then you can choose the suitable electric Scooter for your weight that will help you support you on the road according to your need.

Transportation in public

if your primary purpose is a Daily commute then you can definitely check the portability that will help you to easily carry While traveling.

Choose from a reputed manufacturer

Using an electric scooter from a reputed manufacturer might be a little costlier compared to other electric scooters, but they will definitely perform well in the long term uses.

Frequently asked questions

How heavy is an electric scooter?

The weight of an electric scooter is depends upon your work, For The Daily commuter choosing and standard electric scooter is between 25-30lbs which is lightweight and also portable in nature that you can carry easily while traveling.

What is the heaviest electric scooter ?

Dualtron X with 145.5 lbs Weight is the heaviest electric scooter from the off-roading category with all the extreme performance and the dual motor along with the large battery making it the heaviest electric scooter.

Are electric scooters heavy to carry?

Most of electric scooter used for Daily commute is around 25-30lbbs They are Really Not heavy and lightweight in nature along with all the easy to portable mechanism will help you to hold them and carry them anywhere you want.

What electric scooters have the highest weight limits?

The average payload capacity of The premium off-roading scooters are between 265 to 330lbs and Nami Burn E MAX can carry up to 330 lbs limit, which is one of the highest among electric scooter for it is an incredible electric scooter with high performance.

My final verdict

It is no need to worry about Thinking about Your Weight As there are many electric scooter manufacturers that provide heavy payload capacity also With off-roading capabilities.

Show the only matter is choosing an electric scooter according to your need and travel purpose that will help you to easily carry with The perfect folding mechanism will help you to put It in a small space and use instantly when it need.

So that’s it from my side, If You are looking for the best heavy electric scooter and lightweight electric scooter then you can definitely check other forces on this site.

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