10+ Best Electric Scooter Helmets – Ultimate Guide 2023

Selecting the Right Helmet is Really Difficult Where We Have to Measure Both Style and Safety Features That Will Fit for the Gen-z. So We Select Various Helmets for Electric Scooters With Different Designs From Classic to Elegant.

Many of the Elements Are Fancy With Amazing Lights That Will Make You Unique During Night Ride and Also Some of Are Practical and Unique in Design.

We Put Both Style and Budget Without Neglecting the Safety Features So You Will Never Hesitate to Choose the Best Helmets for Yourself.

Comfort, Style, and Safety by Putting All Three Major Factors on the Front and Using and Durability Testing With My team Along with Getting Feedback From My Community:-

Finally Here is the 12 Best Electric Scooter Helmet

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Final Choice

Closca Loop

With Good Performance and Durability, It is The Best Helmet for E-Bikes and Scooters That Promises to provide all Comfort and Safety.
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12+ Best Electric Scooter Helmets 2023

Best Electric Scooter Helmets

I chose Some of the Best Electric Scooter Helmets Which Are Low in Price and Perfect in Safety and Style to Move Like a Hero.

It is Not About the Rules or Laws of the Government, It is About You and Your Safety.

Below Are My Top Picks of the Best Helmets for E-scooters and E-bikes.

No.ProductsPrice List
1Closca Loop (Affordable)Check Price
2Ilm Dual-sport (Lightweight)Check Price
3Victgoal Best Helmets for Electric Scooters (Durable)Check Price
4Westt Escape M12 (Compact)Check Price
5Xnito Urban Bicycle Helmet for Men & Women (Unique)Check Price
6Mokfire Bike Helmet (Cool Design)Check Price
7Lumos Street (Stylish)Check Price
8Razor V-17 Best Full Face Helmet (Value For Money)Check Price
9Lxbh Electric Scooter Helmet (Unique)Check Price
10Lumos Original (Premium KING)Check Price

Closca Loop

image 114


  • Eye-catching Style
  • Mesh Lining is Washable
  • Retractable Visor
  • Excellent Safety
  • Great Comfort
  • 7 Lbs Weight

Closca is a Unique Design Foldable Bike Helmet for Both Men and Women. It is one of the Most Selling Helmet Available in Multiple Dual Color Options.

Especially Like the Folding Mechanism That Allows it to Easily Fold and Put in a Small Storage to Carry Make It Really Compact in Design and the Unique Band is Also a Gesture of Comfort.

When It Comes to Comfort It is Lightweight and Easy to Wear and Well Padded for Maximum Safety of the Head. With the Clasp It Will Fit in Various Peoples’s Heads and the Mate Design is Enough for Grip and With Stylist Design.

With Smooth Aerodynamics, Well Ventilation Design and Extra Comforts Help Me to Put This Helmet in the Past Position It is Also Available at an Affordable Price.

So if You Have a Low Budget Then This is a Perfect Option for You.

ILM Dual-sport

image 115


  • Great Value for the Money
  • Perfect Comfort
  • 3.25lbs Weight
  • Outstanding Safety
  • Attractive and Aggressive Styling
  • Easily Removable Peak

It is a Highly Protected Full Face Helmet Specialty Design for Off Roading, Dirt Biking, and Others. So if You Have a Powerful Scooter Indefinitely You Can Go With It.

It is a Dual-Spot Helmet With an Aggressive Design Along With a Modern Look Making It Perfect for the Young Riders.

It Has a Chin Vent and Intake Vents on Its Top for Better Ventilation With Efficient Air Flow.

It is a Certified Budget Helmet With an Abs Shell That Passing All the US Road Safety Requirement Tests Help Me to Recommend You Along With the Stylist Design.

Victgoal Best Helmets for Electric Scooters

image 116


  • Advanced Design and Features
  • Good Safety
  • Attractive and Styling Look
  • Easily Removable Peak
  • Perfect Comfort
  • 0.68lbs Weight

When You Check All Its Features You Only Say One Thing Wow.

It is a Lightweight Design Helmet With a USB Charging Option Along With Detachable Goggles. It is a Perfect Helmet for the Pro Riders for Mountain Riding, Road Riding, and of Roading.

It Has Adjustable Fit Systems for Extra Comfort and is Easy to Fit in the Head and the Multi Vents and Padding Help to Breathe Quality Air.

It is Built With High-density Pc Shell and Eps Foam Making It More Durable and Lightweight in Design Along With Extra Protection Against Wind, Sand, and Sunlight.

Why I Recommend It

Is a Rechargeable Helmet With All 21 Vents Along With Excellent Safe Certifications Available at an Affordable Price, This Helps Me to Recommend You This Stylist Look Element.

Westt Escape M12

image 117


  • Simple Desing
  • Retractable Sun Visor
  • Straps Are Adjustable
  • Good Safety
  • 1.21 Lbs Weight
  • Decent Comfort

A Simple in Design but Extra Safety in Nature Helps Me to Put the Westt Escape M12 on This Site.

It is a Vintage Style Half Face Helmet With Sunvisor Specially Designed for Electric Scooters, Dirt Bikes, and Ebikes. Its Versatility Features Making It Perfect for Both Men and Women to Use in Various Rides From Sports to Casual Rides

It Comes With a Dot Approved & Abs Reinforced Shield Making It Perfect for Safety, and When It Comes to Comfort the Lightweight Design Will Help to Wear It for a Long Time.

It is Available in Multiple Sizes to Fit Perfectly on Your Head and the Efficient Ventilation Help Me to Put This Helmet on Our List.

Xnito Urban Bicycle Helmet for Men & Women

image 118


  • Large Size
  • Polycarbonate Build
  • Three Modes
  • Good Safety
  • ‎0.83 Lbs Weight
  • Decent Comfort

Xnito is a Durable Helmet With LED Lights Making It Perfect for Any Type of Rides With Maximum Comfort and Approved by CPSC and Nta-8776 Safety Standards.

It Can Easily Handle and Protect Up to a High Speed of 28mph With Multiple Safety Layers Along With the Approvals of From the Dual-certified Standards.

It Has 10 Vents for Good Air Flow Along With a Lightweight Design of 0.83 Lbs Making It Perfect for Long Rides. It Also Includes a Detachable Visor Along With Powerful LED Lights Helps to Ride Smoothly at Night With Better Visibility.

For All the Professional Riders Who Wants to Enjoy High Comfort Along With Safety, Then Definitely Check This Xnito Available in Multi Color Option and Multiple Size.

Why I Recommend It

It is a Perfect Helmet for E-bikes, Scooters, Unicycles, Commuters, Mountain Bikes, MTB, BMX, and Cycling in Both Day and Night With the Bright LED Lights and Comfortable Padding Making It Perfect for Long Rides.

Mokfire Bike Helmet

image 119


  • High-density Eps Foam
  • Comfortable Thanks to the Soft Lining
  • Padding for Extra Cool & Comfort to the Head
  • Best Comfort
  • 0.51lbs Weight
  • Good Safety

An Affordable E Scooter Helmet With an Incredible Look Available in a Unique Design.

It is Built With a Solid, and Durable ABS Shell Along With the Ce.en 1078 and CPSC Safety to Ensure Best Quality Safety While Riding.

It is Really Helpful and Protective When It Comes to Rain and Dirt With the Visor Along With the Sun Rays. It Includes Detachable Lights at the Back to Notify Other Riders at the Back at Night.

When It Comes to Comfort, There Are Many Ventilation System With Efficient Air Flow to Help to Wear for a Long Time, and the Comfortable Soft Padding Absorb All Sweat.

Why I Recommend It

Is an Affordable Helmet With All the Safety Grades Where With a Lightweight Design It Making It Perfect for Beginners, So if You Start E Scooter Driving Then Don’t Forget the Mokfire Bike Helmet.

Lumos Street

image 120


  • Ultra Premium
  • Lightweight and Comfortable to Wear
  • Good Safety
  • Decent Comfort
  • LED Lights for Safety and Protection
  • 1.30 Lbs Weight

If You Want to Enjoy the Premiumness of a Modern Helmet That Comes With A Stylish Look Along With Great Protection and Advanced Features Then Lumos Street Will Definitely Attract You.

It is one of the Best Helmet That I Have Ever Checked. It is Built With High-Quality Polycarbonate Which Is Used for Aeroplane Manufacturing.

When It Comes to Lighting Then the Scenario is Completely Changed Where It is Paid With Front and Rear Lights Where the Front Headlight is High Powerful With 360-Degree Visibility.

When It Comes to the Back, It Comes with a Customizable Matrix LED Panel to Get Noticed by Other Riders at Night.

Why I Recommend It

So if You Do Not Have an Issue with Budget and Looking for an Ultra Premium Helmet for Skateboard, Scooter, or Bike Riding Then You Will be Impressed by the Lumos Street Helmet.

Razor V-17 Best Full Face Helmet for Electric Scooter

image 121


  • Most Affordable Price
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Multicolor Option
  • Perfect for Teenagers
  • Lightweight Design

For Those Who Do Not Have High Investment and Looking for a Perfect Helmet for Electric Scooter Riding Then Razor V-17 is an Incredible Option for Them.

It is One of the Most Affordable Helmets for Electric Scooter Available in Multicolor Options Where It Comes With ‎adjustable Strap for Extra Protection Along With Premium Durability.

When It Comes to Comfort the 17 Vents Keep Your Head Cool All The Time by Making It Perfect on Long Rides.

So if You Are a Teen or Youth and Looking for the Most Affordable Helmet for an Electric Scooter then Definitely You Can Go With This Simple Yet Perfect Helmet With a Plastic Build.

Lxbh Electric Scooter Helmet (Retro Style)

image 122


  • Heavily Padded for Maximum Safety
  • Sizes as It Comes in Various Sizes
  • Aesthetic Vintage Design
  • Great Safety
  • Excellent Comfort
  • Light Design

Advantage Look Electric Scooter Helmet With Attractive Modern Design Insertion Making All the Competitors Away With All the Perfect Features.

For the Safety, It is Packed With Abs Shell Safeguards for the Head Against Any Injury. With the Breathable Moisture-wicking Lining and Release Strap It Really Comfortable Electric Scooter Helmet With High Ventilation.

With its Variety of Color Availability It Weight Around 1.98lbs Making It Perfect for Long Rides With the Half Helmet.

Why I like It

From Lightweight Design to, Dual Color Paint and Retro Look Making It Perfect for Both Men and Women Which is Also Approved by Dot.

Overall It is a Great Helmet With All the Recent Features and Safety Options Making It Perfect for the Beginner Riders.

Electric Scooter Helmet Buying Guide

The Electric Vehicle Culture Is Growing Aggressively Due to Its Multiple Benefits for Both the Riders and for the Environment and Also that Government Promotes the Ev Cultural Due to Its Multiple Benefits.

There Are Different Types of Electric Vehicles Like E-bikes, E Scooter, Electric Car, Electric Skate Board, and Many More, Some of Them Are Slow Speed and Some Are High Speed but It is Recommended to We Are All Safety Years While Riding on Any Vehicle.

The Helmet is One of the Major Safety Gear That You Should Invest in to Avoid Any Type of injury while Riding.

There Are Different Types of Helmets Like

  • Skate Helmets
  • Bicycle Helmets
  • Downhill Helmets
  • Motorbike Helmets

To Choose and Best Helmet You Should Consider the Below Steps

  1. Safety Certifications
  2. Check All the Certifications
  3. Ventilation
  4. Comfortability
  5. Weight and Size

All the Above Steps Will Help You to Choose a Perfect Helmet for Better Safety and an Enjoyable Ride.

For Low-speed Scooters, Bicycle Helmets, Skate Helmets, and Lightweight Mtb Helmets Are Best. If You Use a High-speed E-scooter Off-road, a Heavier MTB or Motorcycle Helmet Will Enhance Your Safety.

What Kind of Helmet is Best for an Electric Scooter?

If You Own a Low-Speed Electric Scooter, Then Lightweight Helmets, Bicycle Helmets, and Skate Helmets Are Perfect for You but if You Have a High Speed Electric Scooter.

What is the Best Helmet for Scooters?

Closca Loop and Ilm Dual-sport Are the Best Helmets for Scooters With Affordable Price and All the Tested Safety Features Which is Recommended for Every Beginner to Pro Rider.

Do You Need a Special Helmet for Electric Scooter?

No, It is No Need to Wear a Special Helmet for Electric Scooter if You Are a Beginner You Can Use Lightweight Helmets, Bicycle Helmets, or Skate Helmets for the Perfect Safety to Riding an Electric Scooter and There is Certain Rule About Electric Scooter Helmet by the Government.

Should You Wear a Full-Face Helmet on an Electric Scooter?

Wearing a Full Face Helmet is Also a Good Idea Where You Get Full Protection While Riding and Also Perfect for High-Speed Electric Scooters Which Are Packed With High Power Motors.

Is a Scooter Helmet the Same as a Bike Helmet?

No, a Helmet is Not the Same as Bike Helmet as Bike Helmets Comes With More Aerodynamics and Heavy Design but for the Slow Speed Electric Scooter, It Needs Light Weight Helmet for Comfort Ride.

My Final Verdict

As Like You Invest High in Electric Scooter Same as Like in Best in Safety and Stylish Helmet. Here I Have Tried my Best to Choose the Superior Quality Helmets for Electric Scooters and E-Bikes by Checking All the Certificates and Daily Life Testing.

In a Low Budget Category, the Closca Loop and Ilm Dual-sport Are Really Appreciable Helmets With Lightweight and Elegant Designs Where Lumos Original is a Premium Range Helmet That is Always Ready to Protect You and Moving Style and Comfort.

Riding With All the Safety Gears Will Protect You From Unusual Situations While Riding by Providing You Smooth and Enjoyable Riding Experience.

If You Are Looking for Best Electric Vehicles and Information Then You Can Also Visit Other Posts and Still Facing Any Doubts Then Comment Down and I Will Like to Help You.

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