(5 Signs) When to Replace Mountain Bike Tires?

Off-roading is one of the enjoyable parts of riding and If You are off-road lover with a Good mountain bike then taking proper care of your mountain bike will provide you with smooth Riding in long-term use and also protect you from different issues.

Mountain bike tires are very expensive like $50-100 so checking it regularly will help you to learn when to replace the tires of your mountain bikes.

If you fail to replace the tires on time then you have to face different types of issues like:-

  • You Can not go too far
  • lost traction while riding
  • Less grip with the road Case of slip

So if you provide a little bit of attention regularly to your tires, then it will be very beneficial to you So follow The below steps where I guide you to find the perfect time to replace your mountain bike tires.

When to Replace Mountain Bike Tires

How to know when to change mountain bike tires

As a mountain bike is one of the most durable and strong bikes built for the mountains so taking the proper care of it also provides you with better grip and performance while riding it.

So here are the few steps that you should check regularly

Knobs checking

Knob Checking

Checking the knobs on the tire is primary and provides you with a proper idea of when to replace it. If the knobs on the tires are worn down then the time is came for change. Perfect knob with bite the road to gain maximum traction and Helps to smooth stopping.

There are three different knobs, the center knobs give you climbing and braking traction, and the edge knobs For cornering, regularly checking the Knobs will perfectly help you to to learn the Time to Change The Tires.

Holes or gashes in the tire

If your tire has a lot of damage in the sidewalls or holes in it or get a big hole or get a gash in the sidewall then it is time to replace the new mountain tires.

Losing of traction while riding

Check while you cornering, if there are any loose while doing it or not, so if you face a gripping issue or slipping and sliding the rubbers May be damaged, and Changing them will help to Fix This.

Cracking in the rubber


It dries out and cracks the tire rubber after using the bike for a long time when it is exposed to the UV rays from the sun, so if you find cracking on the edge of the knobs, It is Time to replace it.

Riding With These Tires on Flat Roads would be okay but makes you change them when you use it while mountain riding.

So here are the major steps that you can check on your tires to find out whether it is time to change the mountain bike tires or not.

So let’s discuss some frequently asked questions

How long do mountain bike tires last?

From 6 to 1 Year or 500 to 1500 miles of mountain riding, then you can replace the tires by checking all the above steps and If everything looks fine then you can use it for more time also.

Should I replace both bike tires?

No, there is no need to replace both tires of your bike at the same time, Most people change the front tire frequently compared to the back tire also Few people Use The back Tires to the Front after damaging of the front tires.

Do mountain bike tires have a wear indicator?

There is no wear indicator feature like some road tires in a mountain tire, so you can regularly check your tires and when the knobs wear down, then you can replace them with a new One.

Where can I get replacement mountain bike tires?

There are many places where you can replace the tires of your mountain bike so Choose The best tires for Your mountain bike and replace it yourself with video tutorials.

My Final Opinion

Compared to other bikes mountain bikes require more maintenance costs as You Take It On off-road, mountain ride, or snow riding So it comes with durable and expensive parts.

So it is a little bit costly or compared to the regular bikes. So taking the proper care and Cleaning It Will help to increase the life of your mountain bike along with incredible performance.

So that’s it from my side, if you are looking for more troubleshooting posts about electric vehicles like, scooters, bikes, and cars then you can definitely check other posts on the site.

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