Top 10+ Best Electric Rickshaw in India 2024 (E-Rickshaw)

For Business, Are You Looking for All the Best Electric Rickshaws in India in 2024 ?

If Yes,

Then You Are at the Right Place. Here in This Post, We Have Selected All the Latest and Top 10 Best E-rickshaws in India, That Come With Advanced Features With a Great Range Capacity Which Will Help You to Choose the Best Electric Rickshaws from the Post.

In India, There Are Many Subsidies and Due to Support by the Government, Many People Want to Purchase Electric Rickshaws to Start Travel Business.

So Why Electric Rickshaw, Well the Popularity of Auto Rickshaw in Public Transportation is Very High and Most People Use Them to Cover Short Distance, and You Can Find It From Bus Stand to Airport Everywhere.

Top 10 Best Electric Rickshaw in India

That’s Why the Popularity of Auto Rickshaws is Very High and It is Well Known by All the Indians.

Most Auto Manufacturing Companies Use This as a Marketing strategy to Replace the Petrol Auto Rickshaw, for the Electric One, and Then Can Use the Name of the Rickshaw.

Top 10 Best Electric Rickshaws in India 2024

Here You Can Also Find All the Benefits of an Electric Rickshaw and How You Can Choose the Best Electric Rickshaw as Per Requirement, That Fits in Your Budget.

So, Here Are All the Top 10 Best EV Rickshaws in India 2024 That come with High Range, Durability, Specification, and Features as Well.

There is a Very High Demand for E-Rickshaw in India, It is a Mid Size Commercial Vehicle Which is Available in a Affordable Prices, These Are Mostly Used as Public Transport Like

  • E-Truck Rickshaw – for Small and Semi Large Goods Transport
  • E-Rickshaw:- Used for Public Transport in Bus Stands, Airports, and Train Stations as a Passenger Vehicle
  • E- Rickshaw Van:- Used as a School Van for the Students of Nursery or Schools

10 Best E-Rickshaws in India 2024 | Most Sellign E Rickshaw

Here is the List of All the Most Selling Electric Rickshaws in India From All the Reputed Brands.

  1. Mahindra E Rickshaw
  2. Kinetic Safar Smart
  3. Piaggio Ape E-city
  4. Lohia Narain Dx
  5. Lohia Comfort F2f
  6. Lohia Narrain Ice
  7. Atul Elite Plus
  8. Mayuri Deluxe E-rickshaw
  9. Raft E Rickshaw
  10. Jezza Motors

1. Mahindra E Rickshaw

Mahindra E Rickshaw

Mahindra is One of the Leading Automobile companies in India Which is Currently Selling Its Products Across the Globe, It is Well-known for its Stylish Design and High-Quality Products at Affordable Prices.

The Starting Price of E-alfa Mini is Rs. 1.12 Lakh INR It Comes With a 120-ah Battery That Provides Up to 85km Range on a Single Charge.

Mahindra Has Launched Different Types of Electric rickshaws in India to Fulfill the E Rickshaw Market. Which Company Launched the Different Types of Electric Charge in India Some of Them Are Mahindra Treo and E-alfa Mini

It is Available in Two Different Colors Black and Red With Two Years of Warranty.

2. Kinetic Safar Smart

Kinetic Safar Smart

Another Well-Known Mixer Manufacturing Brand Started in Pune, and Promises to Create Different Types of Electric Rickshaw by Joining the Green Revolution in the Transportation Sector.

The Kinetic Safar Smart Comes With a 48v Acid Battery With an Onboard Charger and You Can Easily Charge It From Anywhere.

This E-Rickshaw Comes With an 850 Volt Motor that Provides Up to 130km Single Charge, It Can Give a Top Speed of Up to 25 Kilometers Per Hour Speed With 3 Gear Shifting.

This Can Easily Carry Up to 5 People and Cover a Long Distance as Well the Starting Price of This is 1.53-2.18 Lakhs

3. Piaggio Ape E-city

Piaggio Ape E-city

Piaggio is One of the Most Trusted Three Wheeler E Rickshaw Manufacturing Companies in India, That Supports Battery Swapping Technology.

This is With a 48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery that Covers Up to 70 Km on a Single Charge and Provides a Top Speed of 45kmph. E Rickshaw Price is 2.85 Lakhs.

It is one of the Easiest vehicles, that Comes With No Clutch Gear in the Vehicle, It Was Like an Electric Scooter and is Easy to Drive.

It is a Durable and Unique Design Electric Rickshaw That Makes a Difference From Other Brands.

4. Lohia Narain DX

Lohia Narain DX

Leading E Rickshaw Manufacturing Company Which Was Started Back in 2008 in India and Continuously Provides Best-in-class E Rickshaws.

The Lohia Narain Dx E Rickshaw Comes With a Lead Acid Battery That Provides a Range of 140km on a Single Full Charge.

With the 220 Ground Clearance, This Provides the Driver More Confidence to Take Up to 5 People in a Single Ride With This E Rickshaw.

The Starting Price of the Electric Rickshaw is 1.55 Lakhs.

5. Lohia Comfort F2f

Another Best E-rickshaws From the Lohia Brand, This E-Rickshaw Comes With a Dual Suspension for Perfect Stability and Amazing Balance. This E-rickshaw Comes With a 46v Lead Acid Battery With 100/120 Ah Capacity.

On a Single Charge, It Will Provides Up to a 140 KM Range With a Top Speed of 25 KMPH, It Starts From a Price Range of 1.55 Lakhs and Carry Up to 5 People With the Driver.

6. Lohia Narrain ICE

It is one of the E Rickshaws That Comes With a Lithium Ion Battery From the Lohia Brand. This Brand Launch Different Types of Electric Rickshaws That Fulfilling the Market Demand for the E-rickshaws.

The Lohia Narrain Ice E Rickshaw Comes With a Lithium-ion Battery That Gives Power Up to 1200w/1.60hp With a Range of 110km/charge.

Along With This, It Comes With Multiple Features That Make the E Rickshaw Perfect in This Affordable Price Segment.

7. Atul Elite Plus

Atul Elite Plus

One of the Best Automobile Brands, That Hold a Huge Market Share in the 3 Wheeler Market. The Atul Company Launched Its Different Electric Rickshaws in the Market and Elite Plus is One of Them.

This E Rickshaw Comes With a Telescopic Front Suspension and With a 12 V Acid Battery That Takes Up to 7-9 Hours for a Full Charge and Gives Up to 95 Km Mileage in a Single Full Charge.

The Atul Elite Plus Starts From 1.12 – 1.15 Lakhs Price Range and Provide Immersive Quality to the Buyers.

8. Mayuri Deluxe E-rickshaw

Mayuri is One of the Most Famous E Rickshaw Companies Which Was Started in Uttar Pradesh and Currently Sells 288 + E-rickshaws a Day.

This E Rickshaw is Distributed by Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Inaugurated by Our Transportation Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, It is the First Indian E-rickshaw That Got This Type of Honor From Our Prime Minister to Promote the EV Revolution.

Its Starts From 1.65 Lakhs That Comes With a DC Motor. It Takes Up to 8 Hours for the Full Charge and Provides a Range of 100+ KM With 25KM Top Speed.

9. Raft E-Rickshaw

It is Another Indian Company That Mostly Focuses on Electric Vehicles Like E-rickshaws, and E-scooters as Well. This Company Focuses on Commercial Eclectic Vehicles Lice E-rickshaw Trucks, E-Vans, and Others.

It Starts From the Price of 1.41 Lakhs With Removable Acid Batteries, That Support Battery Swapping Technology.

It Can Carry Up to 5 People With a 500kg Capacity.

10. Jezza Motors

It is a Kolkata Based Startup Company that Started Back in 2014. This Company Provides Different Features With Their E-rickshaws by Focusing on the Local Market.

This Company Has Multiple E Rickshaws Named J1000, Super J1000, and J1100.

It Comes With a Metal Uni-Body, Advanced Design, With a 100+KM Range, and a Top Speed is Up to 55 Km.

How to Choose a Best E-rickshaw in 2023 (Step by Step)

How to Choose a Best E-rickshaw in 2024 (Step by Step)

E Rickshaw is Mostly Used for Transportation Like Goods Transportation and Public Transportation Sector and You Can Go With Anyone You Like.

To Find A Best E Rickshaw for Yourself, You Have to Understand a Few Things First, Like-

  1. Requirement
  2. Budget
  3. Earning Plans

First You Have to Find Your Requirements, by Finding the Requirement You Can Choose the Best Electric Rickshaw Under Your Budget or Select the Best E-Rickshaw.

You Have to Choose the Electric Rickshaw According to Your Requirement, Like Which Work You Want to do With It. Mostly E-rickshaws Are Used for 3 Works Like

  • Public Transportation
  • Goods Transportation
  • School Van

So You Can Go to Any of Them and Look for the Best E-rickshaw Brand in India 2024 That Provide the Best Quality, Features, and Range According to Your Requirement.

Along With the Requirement You Have to Also Keep the Safety Features in Mind While Choosing the Best Electric Vehicle for Yourself.

Avoid Mistakes

There Are Only a Few Indian Electric Vehicle Brands Out There, That are Creating the Best E Rickshaws With Elegant Design Language With High-Quality Raw Materials, and Safety Features, by Focusing on the Users.

Most Foreign Companies or Out Side Companies Sell the Same Product With Different Names. They Only Assemble the E-rickshaw Rather Then Developing It From Ground Level.

Making Margins is Their Primary Focus, Rather Than Customer Satisfaction or Other Safety Features. So You Have to Keep This in Mind Before Choosing Any Electric Rickshaw as Well as the After Sales Services They Provide.


So These Are the Best and Top 10 Electric Rickshaws in India 2024 That Come With Multiple Features Like High Range, Good Battery Capacity, MP3 Systems, High Carrying Capacity, Durability, and Most Importantly Safety Features That Attract the Users for Any Type of Commercial Transportation.

We Picked the Most Selling Electric Rickshaw in the Indian Market and Checked the Brand Value Also the Product the Company Offered to the Customer, and After a Good Review Put All the Results in Front of You.

Hopefully, the Above Post Will Help You to Select a Good Electric Rickshaw According to Your Budget to Start a Transportation Business in Your Local Area or City.

So These Are My Best Picks of the Bets E-Rickshaws and You Can Choose Any of Them or Go With Indian Brands to Support the Local Companies in India, for More Posts Like This You Can Also Check Other Posts.

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