5 Best Electric Scooter Locks 2023 (How to Lock & Buying Guide for E-Scooters)

After Learning the Interest, Style, and Safety I Chose the 5 Best Electric Scooter Locks in 2023 Which Are Incredible in Safety and Stylish in Design.

So If You are Thinking About Selecting a Good Lock for Your Electric Scooter, then Here All Your Doubts Going to Clear, with the List of Best Electric Scooter Locks in 2023.

5 Best Electric Scooter Locks 2023 | Best Lock For E Scooter

Best Electric Scooter Locks

To Add the Additional Safety to the Electric Scooter to Protect From Thieves When You Put the Scooter Outside for a Long Time, So the Practice of Locking Will Help to Protect the Scooter From Stealing.

And Here Are the Results

No.ProductsPrice List
1Kryptonite New York (Best In Class)Check Price
2Abus Granit Xplus 540 U-lock (Value For Money)Check Price
3High-security Folding Lock (Durable)Check Price
4Inokim Folding Lock (Etook Et490) (Compact)Check Price
5Abus Granit 640 U-lock (Budget Lock)Check Price

Kryptonite New York

Kryptonite New York

When It Comes to Locks, Then Chain Lock is One of the Most Traditional and Most Secure Ways to Protect a Scooter. The Kryptonite Join of the Most Popular Lock Manufacturing Company in the World. Kryptonite New York is one of the Perfect Locks for an Electric Scooter.

It is a Durable Build 14 Mm Six-sided Chain Made of Steel Takes a Lot of Effort and Courage to Brake This. It is Also Covered With a Dust Proof Nylon Cover to From Rusting.

It is Available in Dual Size Options of 100cm and 150cm Available on Amazon Where You Also Get These for Around 80 to $100 of Price.

This is One of the Specially Build Lock for Those Who Frequently Live Scooter Outside or in an Unsafe Area.

Abus Granit Xplus 540 U-lock

Abus Granit Xplus 540 U-lock

I Have Previously Discussed, that the U Lock is one of the Best Locks for Electric Scooters Which Are Also Available at Affordable Prices.

A True Competitor of the Kryptonite Which is Also Available at an Affordable Price. It is a 15 Levels of Security Certified Thick and Mate Design Approved by Vds.

The Ush 540 Holder Helps You to Conveniently Mount the Lock on Your Electric Scooter When You Ride by Avoiding the Lock on the Handlebar Which Irritates Sometimes.

Why I Recommend It

It is a Lightweight and Highly Secured U Lock Perfect for Electric Scooters With All the Certifications Along With the 12-inch Interior-mechanism and Tests From Multiple Riders.

High-security Folding Lock

High-security Folding Lock

With the Price of $69, It is a Folding Lock, an Alternative to U Locks With Durable and Heavy Duty Performance That Will Put Irritation on Thieve’s Face.

It is Built with a Hard Steel Shell that Helps to Resist up to 9 Tons of Hydraulic Pressure.

It is Available in Many Color Options With Easy Attachment With the Handle When It is Not in Use Making It More Convenient to Carry.

Why I Recommend It

With Durable Build Quality It is Drill Proof and Takes a Lot of Effort to Tamper Along With the Easy and Lightweight Design Making It the Perfect Lock for Electric Scooter With Best in Class Safety Approach.

Inokim Folding Lock (Etook Et490)

Another Folding Lock Specially Designed for Electric Scooter With Level 4 Grade Security Standards.

It is Drill Proof, Anti Pick, and Light Design Making It Perfect to Easily Carry and Use When Needed.

It is Built With Hard Steel and Also Capable of Handling 9 Tons of Hydraulic Pressure.

In the Box, You Get a Lock and Key and the Ki Hole is Also Anti-drill. It is a Sufficient Widgets Rooster Design Making It Hack Proof and the Folding Mechanism Make It More Compact and Convenient Compared to U Locks.

Why I Recommend It

A Decent Lock That Will Always be Ready to Protect With All the Best in Class Features Along With High-Security Proof Mechanism Making It Perfect at $89.

Abus Granit 640 U-lock (Budget Lock)

It is a Budget Friendly U Lock Available in Color (Black and Red) Options Where It is Specially Designed for Electric Bikes and Scooters.

It is Dedicated to Providing Maximum Security With All the Special Hardened Steel With a 6-inch Lock Mechanism.

It is a Relatively Bigger Interior Lock Compared to Other Feet on Any Type of Electric Bikes and Scooter Without Any Issue with Any Big Object.

It is a Lightweight and Compact Design Lock With Only 1.9 lbs Helps to Carry Along With the Scooter Easily.

Why I Recommend It

With All the Decent Safety Features It is One of the Most Affordable and High Security Lock With All the Safety Grades Making It Perfect for the Beginner Riders Lightweight Design.

Steps to Choose an Electric Scooter Locks | Best Locks for Electric Scooter

There Are Different Types of Electric Scooter Locks Available Out There and Some of Them Are:-

  • Chain Locks
  • U Lock
  • Cuff Locks
  • Grip Locks
  • Wearable Chain Locks
  • Folding Locks
  • Disc Locks

Different People Have Different Choices So There Are Multiple Range of Locks Available in the Market, So Choose the Reputed Manufacturer by Checking the Durability and Build.

Make Sure to Recheck All the Time While Locking Your Electric Scooter and Also Avoid Putting the on Ground.

Steps to Choose Electric Scooter Lock

  • Understand the Requirements According to the Situation
  • Set a Budget
  • Choose From the Reputed Manufacturer
  • Make Sure to Read Uses Review
  • Find After Sales Service

From Low to High Price Ranges There Are Different Types of Strong Lock Available in different Price Range and if You Consider That You Put Your Scooter in a Theft Place, Then Make Sure to Choose From the Best Brands.

Also for the Extra Protection, You Can Use the Apple Air Tag to Always Track Your Electric Scooter From Your Smartphone.

Additional Security Steps That You Can Consider

Despite All the Above Locks, You Can Also Use Other Security Gadgets for Better Protection of Your Scooter and Some of Them Are

  • Key-lock Ignition
  • Apple Air Tag
  • NFC Card Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Alarm
  • Set Password on the Display

All the Above Gadgets Can Also Help You to Easily Protect Your Scooter and Why Chance if You Lost Your Scooter Than the Apple Also Help You to Track It Easily and Catch the Culprit.

How to Lock an Electric Scooter?

Choose a Strong Object to Lock Your Scooter With That Object and Make Sure to Recheck and Lock With the Upper Side of the Object, and Don’t Let the Lock on the Ground This Will Help To Avoid Easy Breaking by Thieves.

What is the Best Type of Lock for a Scooter?

U-locks Are the Best Types of Locks for a Scooter Which Will Fit in Different Circumstances and Multiples Scenarios. These Are Available at Low Price With Durable Build Quality and High Safety Grades.

What is a Good Lock for an Electric Scooter?

Kryptonite is a Perfect Electric Scooter Lock Which Will Fit Per Most of the Electric Scooter Riders Along With It is Available at an Affordable Price and Durable Build.

How Do I Make My Scooter Theft Proof?

Use of Locks and Putting an Apple Air Tag Will Help You Do Protect Your Electric Scooter From Being Theft Along With It Will Help You to Track Your Scooter If It Has Already been Stolen by Thieves.


The Different Types of Situations and Scenarios, So I Choose Different Types of Locks Which Will Fit for Different Circumstances and According to Your Need.

Like Investing in a Powerful Electric Scooter, It is as Important as Investing in Safety and Protection Where You Can Invest in Electric Scooter Helmets and Locks for Better Protection of Your and the Scooter.

So Choosing the Best E Scooter is a Good Investment to Protect Your Scooter From Being Steal by the Thieves.

If You Still Have Doubts Then Go With Kryptonite New York Which is Just Stylish, Affordable, and High Safety Features Electric Scooter Lock Perfect for You.

So Choose From the Best Ones and if You Are Looking for More Information About Electric Vehicles, Safety Features, and the Best Helmets Then Definitely Check Other Posts on This Site.

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